Secret Changes In The New Warzone Update

Whenever there is an update to Call Of Duty, patch notes are also released, detailing all the changes and fixes in that particular update.

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With the release of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's most recent update (version 1.20), Infinity Ward provide patch notes highlighting all the changes in the new update as expected, however there are several changes which were not mentioned in the list but have been introduced in the game nonetheless.

These updates are known as "stealth" updates due to the lack of transparency about them. With that said, here's all the "secret" changes you might or might not have missed during while playing Warzone of late.

Cash Is Nerfed

Before the update, cash was relatively easy to come by and you would usually find thousands of dollars within regular supply boxes. But ever since the 1.20 update, cash is now scarce. This step has been taken in order to increase the overall difficulty level of the game and make it harder for players to call their custom loadouts and re-deploy their fallen comrades.

Dropping Your Weapons

You can finally drop your weapons in Warzone. That's right! Before the update, it was not possible and was a highly requested feature. Now you are able to drop your weapon for your friends to use.

You can drop your weapons from the quick inventory tab, the same menu you use to drop your cash and ammo from.

Maximum Armor Inventory Indication

Now, when you have the maximum number of armor plates in your inventory, the color of the quantity indicator turns into an orange color. This means that if you have 5 plates, or 8 plates with an armor satchel, then the quantity indicator color will change from white to orange.

Trophy System And Deployable Cover Time Revamped

These new changes have been confirmed by Amos Hodge, Creative Director at Raven Software, who is working on Warzone with Activision. He tweeted that the trophy system and deployable cover time has been increased to 10 minutes in Warzone.

This is extremely powerful if you think about it. Normally, players would not give trophy systems that much importance. But given 10 minutes time, they have a huge advantage as there are many strategic uses of the trophy system.

For instance, players can put it on top of their vehicle, which will help them prevent incoming rockets and grenades. Given the time has increased to 10 minutes, we expect a lot of players will use this trick. Be on the lookout!

Shield Turret & Recon Drone Changes

Shield Turret and the Recon Drones will no longer appear on enemy radar. In addition, there was an annoying bug where the kill feed was spammed with the message "certain player has left the game". That has also been fixed and should not appear anymore.

Dragon’s Breath Rounds

There has been an addition of new rounds for the VLK Rogue Shotgun called Dragon's Breath Rounds. These rounds do extensive damage to enemy players thanks to the Incendiary Damage buff you get by using them.

These 12 Gauge Incendiary Rounds were introduced in the game with the release of the CALDERA blueprint which is available to purchase from the store. There are two types of Dragon's Breath Rounds.

One is the regular Dragon's Breath Round and the other is called Dragon's Breath 6-R Mags. 6-R Mags have more benefits than the "regular kind" such as faster ADS speed and detachable magazines.

You can either purchase the Pyromaniac Bundle from the store to unlock these rounds for the VLK Rogue or you can complete challenges to get them for free. To unlock Dragon's Breath Rounds, you need to get 15 kills with a shotgun shortly after reloading. To unlock the 6-R Mags you need to get three longshot kills in three different matches using a Scout Optic class.

Vehicle Icon Enhancements

The vehicle icons on the mini-map used to be quite dull. Post the update, now they appear a lot brighter than before. The icons look much more white and are easily seen on the mini-map. This is a small change but surely one which most people missed.

More Vehicle Skins

With Season 3 a lot of new features were introduced, one of which was skins for your vehicles.

Previously, only a few were released and there was also some that were only available through Battle Pass tier progression.

But now, if you go back to your vehicle customization options, you will notice more skins available.

As of now these skins are only able to be previewed. The new skins are part of the new but unreleased bundle packs named the Anime Express (1,600 CP) and Plunder Pack (1,200 CP). You can see the full bundles shown below courtesy of COD Tracker.

Warzone Killcam

Before the update, the killcam used to show the person who landed a final blow on you, instead of the player who downed you. It has now been fixed. With this new update, you will be able to see the player who downed you in the killcams.

LMG Buffs

Apparently there has been some slight adjustments made to some of the LMGs in the game. For those of you who don't know, the LMGs in Modern Warfare are an open bolt design. This means that whenever you pull the trigger there is a slight delay before the shots are fired.

With the new update, some LMGs seem to have a difference in their open bolt delay. TheXclusiveAce, a reliable Call Of Duty Youtuber, has tested it out and found out that two LMGs in particular have huge differences - the SA87 and MG34.

The SA87 had an open bolt delay of ~180ms but after the new update it has been reduced to ~0ms. That is a huge improvement. Similarly, the MG34 had an open bolt delay of ~317ms which was reduced to ~67ms post-update.

Red Access Card

There has been a number of instances where players are finding this new item in Warzone - a "Red Access Card". Many speculate it to be associated with the bunkers in Warzone. More information on the Red Access Card can be found here.

As of now the card doesn't do anything in-game, but we are certain that it is of significant importance. We hope to report new information on the Red Access Card shortly.

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