Secret Arcade Machine Easter Egg Guide On Forsaken - Black Ops Cold War: Zombies

Forsaken has three arcade machines that you can play for extra loot and rewards... or so you thought. There is one more secret arcade machine that you can activate and play for some more essence points and high-grade salvage.

Secret arcade machine featured

This easter egg requires the use of the new PhD Slider perk. You do not have to upgrade it to a higher tier.

The secret arcade machine is a lap race game that you can either do solo or with your friends for points and salvage.

Here's everything you need to know to be able to execute this easter egg properly. Note, there is a common mistake that many players make and means they cannot activate the secret arcade machine - we've covered that as well.

Before you proceed with this easter egg, we highly recommend you check out our guide on how to turn on the power and pack-a-punch machine.

Feel free to check out our video guide as well.

First, you need to turn on the power. Make your way to the video store rooftop by going through the teleporter at the end of the main street.

Before you proceed to collect the parts needed to fix the broken teleporter ahead, look to your right to find a locked door leading to the roof with the Speed Cola perk machine.

The platform that takes you across is used in this easter egg, and the secret arcade machine won't activate if you have not unlocked this door. So, open it for 1,000 points. This is the common mistake we mentioned earlier. Players often do not open this door and try to activate the secret arcade machine without any success.

Then, collect the items needed to fix the portal to the bunker and turn on the power by lifting the lockdown. Another important door that you must unlock is the TV store. But, you should have it opened either way as one of the parts needed to fix the portal is inside it.

When you reach the observation tower, lift the lockdown to turn on the power.

Then, turn around, and you will find the PhD Slider perk machine. Buy it.

Next, make your way to the arcade on the western side of Anytown and melee the change machine for a free arcade token.

After that, make your way back to the eastern side of Anytown and open the door to the bar directly in front of the burger town.

Go upstairs to the first floor, and you will find an old arcade machine that is completely switched off.

Now you need to lure a zombie near the machine and then slide into it to kill it using your PhD Slider explosive ability.

When killed, the soul of the zombie will go into the arcade machine, powering it up.

Approach the machine, and you will get a prompt to insert the arcade token. If there are multiple players, everyone should insert the token to participate in the race and compete against each other.

After inserting the arcade token, interact with it again to start the Anytown Grand Prix Race.

In this lap race, you will assume control of an ARC-XD car. You need to complete three laps as fast as possible. You will get a reward for the completion of all three laps.

You need to follow the purple arrows on the ground. Once you've played this a couple of times, you will be able to do this race with ease.

The reward rarity includes regular uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. The rarity of the reward is determined by how fast you complete the laps. As you take more time, the rarity of the reward will go down.

The reward rarity downgrades from legendary to epic when the timer hits 1 minute and 40 seconds. After an additional thirty seconds, the timer hits 2 minutes and 10 seconds, and the rarity goes down to rare. Finally, the rarity reaches the bottom-most rarity level, which is uncommon when the timer hits 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

As you can see, this is the platform connecting the video store rooftop and the Speed Cola rooftop. If you do not unlock this door before killing a zombie near the secret arcade machine, the machine won't turn on.

When you complete the race, you will get the points and salvage as your reward.

Once done, you will be teleported back to the TV store, after which you can continue playing the map.

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