Keep an eye out for the second Diablo 4 review embargo

Diablo 4 reviews will be available on May 30 but the ones filled with spoilers won't be available until a few days later.

Diablo 4's second review embargo will likely be what you'll want to avoid if you don't want certain story details spoiled to you.

The countdown to the final few moments before all pandemonium breaks loose is on. With Diablo 4 available as early as on June 1 and the official release slated for June 6, we're only mere days away from the reveal of the game. On that note, a few days are still left for you to nab at least a Digital Deluxe version to get early access. Otherwise, be prepared to have Diablo 4 be spoiled to you by reviewers starting on June 2.

Several reviewers can publish their analysis and opinions on the game starting on Tuesday, May 30, as per earlier leaks. But, in a unique twist, a secondary embargo concerning story-filled content won't lift until June 2.

The second embargo is specific to story developments and detailed boss encounters, which makes sense so that more have the incentive to get early access.

Rest assured that the legion of Diablo fans who've been eagerly awaiting Diablo 4 won't have long for a chance to find out exactly why Lilith is back again after all this time.

Now, if you're curious if the reviewers will get a head-start ahead of everyone else, they won't. Blizzard Entertainment reset the review builds of Diablo 4, deleting their characters, and putting everyone right back at the start until June 1.

Blizzard has consistently done and said the right things with Diablo 4 ahead of its launch.

If you think the recent Server Slam gave you a glimpse of Diablo 4, you're wrong. The level cap, lack of endgame content, and/or complete builds, made it difficult to assess if Diablo 4 is indeed a return to form for the franchise or not.

In fact, don't expect the consensus to come out until much later on. Because, even if Diablo 4 isn't designed for gamers to enjoy forever, the game, by nature, is a long-term investment game for players.

In the meantime, Blizzard has spent a ton of time trying to hype up Diablo 4. Case in point, check out this live-action trailer made by an award-winning MCU director.

Between the official story trailer and Blizzard's confidence in Diablo 4's launch state, fans are in for quite the adventure. Of course, that's only if Blizzard's confidence isn't misplaced.

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