"Tatanka" screenshot reignites rumors of Halo Infinite Battle Royale

We're still hoping that 343 is working on more single-player content for Halo Infinite.

343 Industries needs help breathing life into Halo Infinite. Back in July, Battlefield 2042 beat Halo Infinite in terms of player count. This is true to this day. Sure, both shooters have a lot of catching up to do numbers-wise since they are big-budget projects with four-digit player counts (at least on the PC). But, we know that Electronic Arts is doing something to make it happen.

Screenshot Rumors Halo Infinite Battle Royale
We're not sure if a battle royale mode is enough to get players to come back to Halo Infinite, but it's better than nothing.

Case in point, Battlefield 2042 is reportedly getting a new map for Season 2. If it's any consolation, 343 isn't about to let itself fall behind. Specifically, a new leak suggests that 343 will be releasing a battle royale mode for Halo Infinite soon.

An image shared online by the HaloHubGG Twitter account shows an in-game screenshot of Halo Infinite revealing five different options for the game's rumored battle royale mode, Tatanka, specifically:

  • Tatanka Triples
  • Tatanka Quads
  • Tatanka 3P Test
  • Test Tatanka Triples
  • Test Tatanka FFA

In addition to the different selectable queues, the bottom of the image reads, "Welcome to the Ring. Emerge victorious by being the last player standing."

This is either the most definitive proof that Halo Infinite is getting a battle royale mode or one of the most elaborate leaks we've seen in recent memory. Assuming that Tatanka is the former, we're hoping 343 will package it as a standalone game like Call of Duty: Warzone. This would help players manage the game's installation size and prevent Halo Infinite from becoming one of the largest games on the market.

Screenshot Rumors Halo Infinite Battle Royale
Halo Infinite needs something fresh and exciting with Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 both set to launch before the year ends.

It's safe to say that 343 has done a terrible job at keeping the battle royale mode for the latest Halo game a secret. You could argue that we've known about it for over a year, thanks to Dr. Disrespect.

Unfortunately, we have no idea when 343 will announce the Halo Infinite battle royale mode. Fingers crossed, we'll see 343 join Microsoft at Gamescom 2022 on August 23. If not, then we're hoping that 343 has something big up its sleeve. At its current rate, Halo Infinite is closer to dying out than recovering.

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