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Scarlet Witch's concept art for the Multiverse of Madness is nightmare fuel

The Multiverse of Madness follows Wanda's spiral into madness as she becomes deeply entwined with the Darkhold's evil power.


It's no secret that Marvel Studios is the master of PG content, but sometimes, just sometimes, it gives us a glimpse of what could be if it dared to venture into the darker side of its universe.

Now let's make this clear: we're not talking about the occasional brooding Thor or a sulking Tony Stark who learned of his parent's death at the hands of Bucky. No, we're referring to the truly dark and twisted stories that characters like Wanda Maximoff (better known as Scarlet Witch) bring to the table.

Recently, the official art concept book for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness surfaced on Reddit, and Marvel fans were in for a treat - or should we say, a scare? The art depicted Scarlet Witch wearing a crown created from her own flesh. This was not some Halloween prank; this was Marvel hinting at a much darker storyline for Wanda.

Wanda was supposed to have her crown infused with her skin in Multiverse of Madness
byu/schrodingersdemet inMarvelStudiosSpoilers

The art suggests that the use of the Darkhold, the magical grimoire that holds some of the most malevolent spells, was intended to not only rob her soul but her physical appearance as well. These designs reflected how deeply corrupted Wanda had become, a far cry from the hero we once knew in the Infinity War saga.

Throughout the Multiverse of Madness, we see Wanda's descent into madness as she becomes increasingly reliant on the Darkhold, desperately trying to find her alternate self in another universe where her children are still alive. With this concept art in mind, we're certain the film's storyline would have had fans on the edge of their seats.

Marvel is notorious for playing it safe. Remember Netflix's canceled Daredevil series, the violent Deadpool franchise, or Wolverine's final farewell in Logan? These were instances where the narrative and characters dictated the show's and film's rating, not the other way around. They were raw, real, and resonated with fans who yearned for a more mature take on their favorite characters.

Wanda's dark journey in the Multiverse of Madness was a golden opportunity to once again tread into this territory. Marvel's penchant for humor and slapstick comedy doesn't always fit the bill. Not every character or narrative can be molded into a lighthearted, family-friendly story.

The upcoming Daredevil reboot, for instance, which deserves a faithful adaptation of its characters, will reportedly not carry the TV-MA rating of its predecessor. This means the violence, the intensity, and the very essence that made the previous show a hit, will likely be watered down.

Deadpool is a perfect example on how to faithfully adapt a comic book character.

Sadly, as long as audiences keep flooding theaters and cashing in on mediocre content from studios that just want to phone it in, then characters like Wanda will never receive the deeper, more mature themes that their comic counterparts possess.

Due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes and delays to the MCU's upcoming slate of films and shows, it's unclear when the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Strange will appear on the big screen again. 

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