Scarlet Nexus is coming to the Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft announced that Bandai Namco is bringing over its latest JRPG title to the Xbox Game Pass.

Xbox Game Pass has a smorgasbord of quality video game titles. Microsoft's efforts to improve its library have resulted in what's easily the most cost-effective video game subscription service today. Now, it's about to get a dose of fast-paced anime action sprinkled with some supernatural elements and a murder mystery that somehow involves a goose that can drive a tank.

It appears that the earlier rumors about Scarlet Nexus was true. It's just that the timeline was a few months early.

Microsoft confirms Scarlet Nexus' arrival to the Xbox Game Pass

Scarlet Nexus isn't a game-changer for the Xbox Game Pass, but it is a nice coup for Microsoft.

Xbox corporate vice president Sarah Bond herself confirmed that the Xbox Game Pass welcomed Bandai Namco's latest JRPG title to its roster on September 30. The exciting news was part of Xbox's Tokyo Game Show presentation. Ironically, there were reports that Scarlet Nexus was headed to the Xbox Game Pass at launch back in June.

This suggests that either Bandai was telling the truth and entered into negotiations with Microsoft after or Scarlet Nexus was already slated to come to the Xbox Game Pass albeit not at launch.

Scarlet Nexus was first announced in May 2020 before getting a release date earlier this year. Contrary to other titles that come to the Xbox Game Pass a few months after its launch due to poor sales, Scarlet Nexus sold well. The Bandai Namco title was one of the best-selling titles when it launched in June.

With that said, Scarlet Nexus' arrival to the Xbox Game Pass is good news for those who've been thinking of getting the game for a while. A month's subscription to the Xbox Game Pass is an absolute steal for the fraction of the price of a video game. Not to mention, with its Xbox Game Pass release, Scarlet Nexus will become available on phones and tablets with touch controls via Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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Microsoft's Xbox Games with Gold offerings might continue to be relatively lackluster, but you can't deny how much effort the company has put in making Xbox Game Pass better.

Earlier this year, Microsoft confirmed at E3 2021 a laundry list of first-party and third-party games that will release on Xbox Game Pass on day one. This includes everything from Halo Infinite to Forza Horizon 5, as well as Back 4 Blood.

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