Scalpers targeting the New Steam Deck

Scalpers have already jumped on the opportunity to profit from the demand for Valve's Steam Deck.

Valve recently announced a new handheld gaming device called the Steam Deck. This handheld gaming device is like a portable PC, allowing you to play Steam games (and more) anywhere you want.


Understandably, many players are excited about the this new portable device that is expected to release later this year. However, getting a preorder slot for the new Steam Deck has become challenging for most gamers and orders are now being taken for 2022.

The Steam Deck

Steam Deck
The Steam Deck is available in three different storage sizes.

According to Valve, the Steam Deck is scheduled to arrive in December this year. However, because of the huge influx of reservations, anyone attempting to secure one now is not likely to get it until next year.

The Steam Deck runs on an AMD APU with four Zen 2 Cores. While the specs are not as powerful compared when compared to next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X, they should be able to play most games at a decent framerate.

The Steam Deck has three storage options for players to choose from. You can get a 64GB version for $399, a 256GB version for $529 and a 512GB version for $649.  If you are wanting to play any reasonable amount of games on the device, we recommend going for at least 256GB. However, if you are aiming to use the Steam Deck for streaming purposes and general tasks, the smaller storage should be enough. All versions also allow you to use a MicroSD to increase storage space.

Reselling Preorder Slots

Scalpers are reselling Steam Deck reservation spots for inflated prices.

However, the huge influx of gamers attempting to reserve a Steam Deck has is now causing intermittent issues on the reservation page. Customers are having difficulty reserving the device, with many facing errors and timeout messages. One reason behind this, aside from sheer demand, is because of Valve's new anti-scalping system.

Unfortunately, the system is not fool-proof though, and it seems as though many scalpers already have their hands on one or more reservation spots and are selling them on eBay. Dozens of preorder slots are now available for purchase on eBay, selling for around a three times markup. However, some preorder slots that have priority shipping are selling for almost $3,000!

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