Modern Robin Hoods are saving Titanfall by hacking Apex Legends

Hacks are getting inside Apex Legends in an attempt to raise awareness for the dismal state of the Titanfall games.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale shooters right now - it's also been the constant target of hacks, exploits, and cheats. In fact, these issues became so rampant that players took to Twitter to make #SaveApexRanked trend on the social media website, just so that the game's developers, Respawn Entertainment, would acknowledge the issue and promise to do something about it.

Saving Titanfall By Hacking Apex Legends
A hacker is trying to save Titanfall by invading Apex Legends.

Most of the time, the cheats and exploits in Apex Legends happen in its Ranked mode. However, a recent Apex Legends hack is leaving players perplexed, to say the least.

Hacking Apex Legends to Save Titanfall

Saving Titanfall By Hacking Apex Legends
EA and Respawn needs to do something about Titanfall. Otherwise, both Apex Legends and the Titanfall games will suffer.

This latest Apex Legends hack is an odd one, as players can still play the game as usual. The only difference is that there's a reminder that pops up, once you have finished playing, that redirects players to a website by showing a message that talks about saving Titanfall.

Both Titanfall games, but the first one in particular, are experiencing an onslaught of cheats similar to Apex. According to reports, the incident seems isolated to PC players for now. It doesn't seem to be malicious or anything, rather the hackers' intention and goal really is as simple as the message states.

Now, if you do decide to visit the website being advertised in the message, you'll be treated to a lot of information about what's referred to as "Operation Red Tape", the sole purpose of which is to raise awareness. Specifically, to let people know that Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts are aware of the situation around Titanfall and are choosing to ignore it.

The hackers are describing Titanfall as "unplayable". They are also calling out EA and Respawn Entertainment for continuing to sell content for the game on PC despite being in such a shameful state. The hacker also provides links to numerous resources for those who are interested to know more about the issue.

It will be interesting to see how Respawn Entertainment responds to this matter in the coming days. Apex Legends is technically a sequel to the Titanfall games, and is set in the same universe, only far into the future. Respawn even recently released a character in Apex Legends that has a direct connection to Titanfall 2.

Given the popularity of both the Titanfall games and Apex Legends, EA and Respawn must give this matter due attention. Otherwise, these two studios risk alienating one or the other game's player base if not both.

While we don't exactly condone hacking, the hacker's intention seems pretty straightforward and his efforts are commendable. Here's to hoping that it's enough to get Respawn and EA to listen.

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