"SaveWarriorNun " billboard surfaces opposite Netflix’s LA headquarters

Warrior Nun showrunner, Simon Barry, acknowledged the movement and their initiative on Twitter, claiming to be "stunned and beyond impressed" by their effort.

A month after series creator & showrunner Simon Barry confirmed that Warrior Nun would not be returning to Netflix for a third season, the #SaveWarriorNun movement has taken things up a notch.

warior nun poster
Sarah B and the rest of the Warrior Nun fan base crowd funded the bilboard

The franchise’s dedicated fanbase has enrolled in ‌a media campaign after the news was announced and this is their latest attempt to get Netflix executives to reverse their decision. As if going viral on social media with their ”NETFLIX CORRECT YOUR MISTAKE” slogan wasn’t enough, the group managed to find another way to grab attention. And Netflix executives won’t be able to ignore this one easily, since there is a giant billboard right across the street from their headquarters.

This is indeed a purely fan-driven effort, which we can imagine is not cheap, considering it’s placed on the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Van Ness in Los Angeles, California. Nothing makes a statement like forcing half of Netflix’s offices to look at your billboard for the next 4 weeks. Series creator & showrunner Simon Barry alongside consulting producer & writer Amy Berg took notice of the movement’s effort and commended them for their determination on social media.

The show was inspired by Ben Dunn's Warrior Nun Areala manga series with Simon Barry tasked to create the adaptation for Netflix. The acclaimed supernatural comic book adaptation left a mark on its devoted fanbase but last December, Netflix decided to pull the plug on the project instead of renewing it for a third season. The story of the 19-year-old woman who wakes up in a morgue as a part of an ancient group tasked with fighting demons on Earth might have captivated fans, but according to the numbers, Netflix executives weren’t sold.

There might be a future for Warrior Nun, but it probably won’t be with Netflix. The only time Netflix reversed its decision to cancel a show was when the Manifest fan base ran up the viewership numbers to the roof.

As creative as it is, apart from keeping Warrior Nun at the top of the most-watched list, there isn’t much the fan base can do to reverse the show’s destiny. Another platform might swoop in and offer a deal but that depends entirely on the details of the production deal and how much Netflix would profit from it.

Speaking of Netflix, the streaming giant isn't exactly wanting more money. It likely invested a substantial amount to get Zack Snyder to do Rebel Moon, which just got a new trailer and release date. The film is so massive that Snyder had to split it into two parts.

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