Santa Monica Studio is not yet ready to show off more God of War: Ragnarok

Cory Barlog explained that the studio is composed of "perfectionists" who will only showcase God of War: Ragnarok once they are absolutely ready.

Surprise! 2018's God of War by Santa Monica Studio just turned 4 today.

The consensus among fans is that Santa Monica Studio is free to take all the time that it needs to work on God of War: Ragnarok.

Kratos' latest god-stomping romp, this time across Norse mythology, was released for the PlayStation 4 on April 20, 2018, introducing fans to a more human and fatherly Kratos who still isn't afraid to throw down the gauntlet when necessary. In an ideal world, God of War: Ragnarok would have been released today following a reveal in September. But, as it turns out, Santa Monica Studio has even grander ambitions than even the most hardcore fans.

According to the game's producer, Cory Balrog, the team isn't just quite ready to show audiences God of War: Ragnarok. Balrog then reassures fans that the studio will share more intel and footage as soon as it's "ready to share."

If that doesn't tell you the Jörmungandr-sized plans the Sony first-party studio has for the highly anticipated follow-up, we don't know what will.

Now that fans have had their fill with the God of War PC port and Horizon Forbidden West, they're ready and hungry for more. Unfortunately, Balrog's statement isn't really good news, but when you think about it, it's nice that the developers care enough to make sure that they have something substantial to show for their works.

For what it's worth, we've already seen Kratos' next outing in action, and that should be plentiful enough. If nothing else, it's good that Santa Monica Studio is taking its sweet time rather than rushing God of War: Ragnarok out of the gates only to end up disappointing fans.

Santa Monica Studio previously reaffirmed that God of War: Ragnarok is coming out this year despite breaking a longstanding series tradition. The only question on everyone's mind is, when is the game hitting store shelves?

Balrog has had a hand in every mainline God of War game. However, Ragnarok is the first time that Balrog will play the role of the producer with Eric Williams taking over his former duties as the creative director.

Atreus is expected to have a more significant role in God of War: Ragnarok.

Unfortunately, we're at the mercy of when Balrog sees it fit for Santa Monica Studio to start dropping more Ragnarok news.

Speaking of God of War, Nvidia GeForce Now is teasing the 2018 title's arrival on the video game streaming platform. Meanwhile, reports suggest that Amazon Prime has closed a deal to make a live-action adaptation of the iconic PlayStation series.

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