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San Andreas Mercenaries update brings high-flying warfare to GTA Online

Rockstar Games is adding a long-requested feature to GTA Online as part of the game's latest update, among many others.

It didn't take long for Rockstar Games to reveal a new massive free update for GTA Online.

High above the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos, warplanes are tuning up their engines and preparing for combat for a war that's about to break out as part of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto Online update, San Andreas Mercenaries.

Teeming with aerial warfare and lucrative smuggling opportunities, the upcoming GTA Online update brings along with it fresh gameplay, enhanced quality-of-life features, and a surge of thrilling action for players across the globe on June 13.

In GTA Online's latest expansion, the criminal underground of Southern San Andreas braces for upheaval as Merryweather Security, notorious for their shady dealings, announces a major expansion for their operations.

In line with this, the Los Santos Angels, a squadron of proficient aviators and hardened mercenaries, are assembling to face off against this formidable private military threat. The sakes are high as players prepare to confront San Andreas' largest private military company.

Spearheading this ambitious counteroffensive is none other than the expert aircraft mechanic and ace pilot, Charlie Reed. Reed's guidance will prove monumental for the Mammoth Avengers as he transforms it into an imposing air fortress that's armed with a new Operations Terminal and advanced weapons system upgrades. But the battlefield isn't just in the skies; players will also seize ground-based opportunities, running valuable contraband and snatching cash and commodities from wealthy, moving targets.

Avengers and Hanger owners will also reap the rewards of a series of upgrades, both for their airborne arsenal and the on-ground facilities. It's important to prepare for this impending conflict, which is why players are advised to gear up and hone their smuggling tactics.

From hippies and drugs to air warfare, GTA Online players have been eating good this year.

New content isn't everything that the new GTA Online update will bring. Gameplay enhancements are part of the package as well. For example, you'll no longer need to claim each destroyed vehicle from Mors Mutual Insurance, a godsend to players who've long asked for Rockstar Games to streamline the process.

Speaking of, there's an alternate spring control option in the Settings Menu now that lets you "hold" the button to sprint, as opposed to what you had to do before.

Other new inclusions include custom description tags for garages, new Taxi Work opportunities, a brand-new Tactical SMG, daily time trials, and more.

As GTA Online continues to evolve, these player-requested improvements are set to further enrich the gaming experience.

Fans are still waiting for an official reveal of GTA 6.

It's clear that Rockstar is preparing for an action-packed summer in Los Santos. The San Andreas Mercenaries update will surely invigorate the player community as fans look forward to potential GTA 6 news.

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