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San Andreas Mercenaries trailer arrives ahead of June 13 launch

Merryweather Security won't know what hit them when you and the rest of the Los Santos Angels literally drop bombs on their operations.

From quality-of-life improvements to actual new content, GTA Online just keeps on getting bigger and better.

Hold onto your gaming controllers, folks! A fresh GTA Online update, San Andreas Mercenaries, is coming to consoles near you real soon. Scheduled to launch on June 13, this update is packed full of existing new features GTA Online players will enjoy.

So, what's new in San Andreas Mercenaries? In the latest update, you'll find yourself teaming up with pilot extraordinaire and mercenary-for-hire, Charlie Reed. Your task is to lead the Los Santos Angels. Charlie's crew has it out for Merryweather Security, and your job is to make life a living hell for them. The best part is you and your pals can work together to do all the daring adventures and make bank while at it!

The San Andreas Mercenaries trailer gives us a sneak peek of what to expect from the update. We see a shot of Mammoth Avenger and its expansive interior. There's the F-35 Lightning II-like jet as well, complete with its VTOL features, and a new preview of a familiar off-road vehicle.

As previously revealed, Rockstar has some pretty neat quality-of-life updates lined up for GTA Online, such as a new sprint control option where you can just hold the button to sprint. The update will also let you tag your garages with customized descriptions to make it easier for you to find your favorite rides. Finally, you'll be able to call Mors Mutual Insurance to claim multiple vehicles at once.

The fun doesn't stop there at all. The Mammoth Avenger itself is going to live up to its name even more. It's morphing into a high-tech aerial command center complete with a spanking new Operations Terminal and upgraded weapon systems.

It's safe to say that it'll become your go-to spot for planning and launching heists.

Don't forget, Rockstar still has a much larger update planned for GTA Online later this year.

With Charlie leading the way, you and the rest of the Los Santos Angels will go from one private job to another. Expect to find yourself with little time to spare as you pilfer data from server farms and drop bombs on valuable targets.

From the vast seas to the expansive skies and the urban jungle that is San Andreas, no place is safe from the all-out war between the Los Santos Angels and Merryweather Security.

This truly is a fantastic time for all of you GTA fans out there. Stay on the lookout for more updates and inside scoops about what's coming to GTA Online. And, who knows? Rockstar might just sneak in some news about the much-anticipated GTA 6.

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