Saints Row reboot getting 3 DLC expansions

The developers have three story expansions planned for the Saints Row reboot, and more post-launch content might come depending on reception.

The bold - or rather, specifically less bold - new direction that Saints Row is taking with its reboot has been a hot topic ever since the announcement, but Deep Silver Volition has a great deal of confidence in the upcoming title. They've defended the different tone and style, and have extensive post-launch content already planned out.

The publisher has officially confirmed that three post-launch 'episodes', as they called them, are already planned for Saints Row. Rather than getting its own announcement - it's probably too early for that - the DLC has been revealed in the product description of the Expansion Pass listing on the Epic Games Store.

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Saints Row, and its DLC, will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store when it launches next February, barring any delays of course. Pre-ordering Gold or Platinum editions of the game will net you access to the Expansion Pass as well as two smaller content bundles. What's exactly included in these bundles isn't yet clear, aside of the three episodes in the Pass.

Here's what you get when you pre-order various tiers of Saints Row.

Being this far off from launch, it makes sense that no information has been shared about these Episodes - we have no idea what they're about, how much content they involve, what characters will play a role in them and what relation they have with the story. It's a bit odd to sell them already, but that's the AAA gaming industry for you.

Fans have, obviously, begun speculating nonetheless.

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Saints Row might be taking a radically new approach to the game compared to the ridiculously exaggerated style adopted in Saints Row the Third and beyond, but that doesn't mean the developers won't be nodding at the old titles. Easter eggs at the very least are expected, and some are even hoping that characters from the previous iterations might show up again in these Episodes. Maybe when Johnny 'gats' out of hell, he'll appear in this rebooted universe?

Saints Row launches on the 25th of February, 2022.

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