13 minutes of Saints Row reboot gameplay footage has leaked online

Gameplay footage of the upcoming Saints Row reboot might have leaked online and fans are now asking for more.

There exists a huge market right now for anything that is similar to Grand Theft Auto. Because Rockstar refuses to move on from GTA 5 despite the backlash, fans are looking for an alternative. Although there is a handful right now that gamers can play and are similar to the GTA titles, one that most are looking forward to playing is the reboot of Deep Silver Volition's Saints Row.

The latest gameplay leak is an extended version of the official reveal trailer of the Saints Row reboot.

With that said, excitement for the upcoming reboot just reached a new high after gameplay footage leaked online.

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What's new in the leaked Saints Row reboot footage?

The video (linked above) is essentially a longer version of the official reveal trailer and was alluded to in one of our earlier articles.

The video, which runs for around 13 minutes, provides a much deeper look at the Saints Row reboot with the developers talking about the design, the world, and the characters. It showcases the game's combat system along with the driving mechanics as well as the different gangs and factions that you will encounter in the game.

What is interesting here is why Volition did not decide to release this preview instead. A prevailing theory is that the developers weren't confident enough to show off the game in its current state. Still, the fact that this is available online suggests that the Saints Row reboot is far along in its development. It would've been nice to see more in better quality as the footage is pixelated.

The Saints Row reboot comes at just the right time as fans are looking for a GTA alternative.

The Saints Row reboot is shaping up nicely. Although unfortunately, some fan favorites aren't going to return, it's probably for the best so that audiences can take the reboot exactly for what it is. However, we're still hoping that Deep Silver releases this video or a more extensive trailer soon.

The Saints Row reboot isn't set to come out until February 2022, so fans are understandably desperate to know more about the upcoming game.

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