The Saddest and Funniest Endings in Nier: Automata

With the remastered version of Nier Replicant currently scheduled to arrive in April 2021, you may want to look back on its sequel, and the most recent title in the series, Nier: Automata. Nier: Automata is a brilliant game with a heart-wrenching narrative. However, there are times when it can give you a quick chuckle. Nier: Automata is a game that requires you to play a few times to grasp the overall narrative.

2B and 9S in Nier Automata.

This game contains multiple endings. Each end contributes to the narrative as a whole. We will discuss the most gut-wrenching endings you can get in Nier: Automata, alongside the funny and plain weird endings included in the game. We will guide you on how to get each ending, so be aware of major spoilers.

The Saddest Endings in Nier: Automata

2B and Pod in Nier Automata.

Get your tissues ready because we will list down the saddest endings in Nier: Automata. Be warned that the discussion will be heavy with spoilers. If you only need a guide on getting each ending, you may skip through the end, and we will summarize how to get each ending without any spoilers.

Nevertheless, if you want a more in-depth detail on each ending and how to get them, we will discuss them below. Below is the list of the saddest endings in Nier: Automata.

Ending A: flowers for m[A]chines

9S and 2B in Ending A.

Ending A is the ending you will get once you complete the game for the first time. While the ending ends optimistically, this end shows the struggle of 2B and foreshadows the events to follow—2B's struggle in losing 9S shows in this ending. We finally get to see the emotional side of 2B as she kills 9S in this ending.

We viewed 2B as an emotionless android, but this is the ending where we first see her break. Feeling frustrated and devastated, she tries to fight the remaining machines. However, 9S seems to have uploaded his consciousness in the machines and operated them. The end shows 2B and 9S in one frame, foreshadowing the connection between androids and machines.

How to get the ending: Complete the game for the first time.

Ending D: chil[D]hood's End

9S remembering his memories before his final moments.

In the final fight between A2 and 9S, if you chose 9S, you get this ending. In this ending and Ending C, we learn the truth about 2B and how she is actually 2E, which is designated to kill 9S every time he gets nearer to the truth. Before dealing with the final blow, 9S hears 2B's voice, telling her to take care of 9S. This voice makes her hesitate, and 9S stabs her.

However, A2 also dealt a killing blow to 9S before dying, and 9S gets stabbed by 2B's sword. 9s recalls his final memories during his last moments. You are given an option to stay or leave with the other androids and also send your memories to the moon server alongside the other androids. You can choose either choice, but most people chose to stay. 9S finally realizes that 2B's memories are contained in the sword that stabbed him in the end.

How to get the ending: During the final boss battle, choose 9S. You can choose between "I'll go with you." or "I'll stay." both choices lead to this ending.

Ending C: meaningless [C]ode

A2 during her final moments.

Reaching ending C is one of the requirements to unlock the true ending. In this ending, we take a look into A2's story. The battle begins between A2 and 9S, and if you chose A2, you get this ending. Some people are confused about the ending. After A2 sliced 9S's arm, she hacks into his mind.

She converses with Pod and tells him that she knows a way to save 9s. She eventually tells pod to bring 9S to safety and leave her for now because she still has something left to do. The ending ends with A2 approaching a beam of light and touching it. The tower collapses, and A2 says her final words, saying she can finally meet her fallen comrades. In the end, we see the sword of 2B and the backpack of 9S, hinting at 9S' survival, but the ending is up to the gamers to guess.

How to get the ending: Choose A2 in the final boss fight between A2 and 9S, and you will get this ending.

Ending N: [N]o man's village

9S and 2B killing all the machines in Pascal's village.

[N]o man's village is one of (if not the most) brutal choices you could ever make. When you arrive at Pascal's village, you will see the machines waving a white flag to show that they only want peace. You have the choice to kill every machine in the village that is waving a white flag to achieve this ending.

While killing the machines, you can hear their echoes and cries as they tell you to stop. Some of the machines even apologize and says they never did anything wrong. Once you killed all the machines, you get the ending N. The last scene says that you can hear a burst of maniacal laughter coming from an android whenever you get close to the village.

How to get the ending: Kill all the machines in Pascal's village. You only need to kill the machines that are waving a white flag.

Ending E: The [E]nd of YoRHa

Battling the credits alongside the other helpers in Ending E.

The true end of Nier: Automata is Ending E: the [E]nd of YoRHa. To achieve this ending, you have to replay either ending C or D. An exchange between Pod 042 and Pod 153 commences. Pod 153 asks you if you would like to salvage the data of the three androids. If you clicked Yes, you will need to face a mini-game battling the credits.

If you die multiple times, helpers will come to your aid and help you defeat the credits. You can see their messages, and once you defeat the credits, a cutscene commences. Pod 153 and Pod 042 saves the three androids and restores their memories. You are given the choice of deleting all your saved data to become one of the helpers that helped you overcome the credits. You can leave a message for another gamer who is trying to complete the game as well.

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How to get the ending: Complete Ending C or D, go back to the ending and when Pod 153 asks if you want to salvage the android's data, choose yes. Beat the credits, and you will get this ending.

The Funniest Endings in Nier: Automata

2B, 9S and Pod in Nier: Automata.

Now that we are done with all the heart-wrenching endings, it is time for some laughs. Even though the mood and tone of Nier: Automata is bleak, it gives us some time to breathe and have a little laugh with these endings. Nier: Automata has "Joke endings," which happen whenever you stray away from the storyline.

While these endings do not contribute to the bigger narrative itself, some may still contain spoilers. You can always check out the spoiler-free guide at the end of the article. Now lighten up and wipe your tears away because below is the list of the funniest and just plain weird endings in Nier: Automata.

Ending X: time to rela[X]

Meeting A2 for the first time.

When the virus is corrupting 2B, A2 comes along and can try to help 2B. I say try because if you do not want to help 2B, you can walk away. To get this ending, walk away from 2B when first playing as A2. You can leave 2B to die from the virus and the other corrupted YoRHa attacking her and walk towards the bridge.

As a result, you get Ending X. "A2 suddenly felt like going for a walk." the game says as A2 walks away. A2 felt a sense of fulfillment from the walk, but it is too late for 2B when A2 returned. Not the best outcome, but at least you got a feeling of fulfillment from the walk, right?

How to get the ending: Do not help 2B as A2 at the Commercial center and walk away towards the bridge.

Ending U: deb[U]nked

Self-destructing as 2B in the bunker.

In one of the creative touches in Nier: Automata, you have the option to self-destruct at any time. Self-destructing does not really kill 2B, but burns her skirt off. A good way of changing costumes, per se. However, self-destructing while you are in the bunker gives you a different outcome.

If you self-destruct while in the bunker, you get the Ending U: deb[U]nked. The bunker will blow up alongside your self-destruction, and YoRHa is no more. According to the game, at least the spectacle looks beautiful on earth. Oh, and did we mention that commander is now floating in space with a stern look on her face?

How to get the ending: Self-destruct in the bunker.

Ending M: break ti[M]e

A2 being prompted to go to Pascal's village.

Once you got A2's fuel filter fixed, you have a quest to retrieve the philosophy book from Anemone. When you retrieve the book, Pascal gives you a call saying there is trouble in the village. Pascal asks for A2's help, but the line gets cut off. Pod tells you to investigate the issue further and head to Pascal's village.

To get this ending, all you need to do is head towards the Abandoned Factory instead of Pascal's Village. All the villagers will be destroyed, but A2 felt like going for a walk. At least A2 got a sense of peace, walking away from the village.

How to get the ending: Walk towards the Abandoned factory instead of Pascal's village when Pascal asked for help.

Ending L: [L]one wolf

2B going fishing instead of defeating the boss.

Ever felt like abandoning the quest and just going fishing? Well, you can do just that and achieve this ending. During the boss fight in chapter 10-02, leave the area and also the camp to its demise. After doing so, you get Ending L:[L]one wolf where 2B suddenly felt like becoming a fisherman instead of saving the resistance camp.

10 years will go by, and 2B decides to go fishing instead. Both the machines and assassins sent by YoRHa are coming for 2B, but at least she's enjoying her new life. According to the game, "With a smile on her face, she packed up and headed for the coast.". Well, who wouldn't want to go fishing?

How to get the ending: Abandon the resistance camp while the enemy is attacking it. You can also run towards Pascal's village when the boss comes.

Ending K: Aji wo [K]utta

Eating the Mackarel in Ending K.

Aji wo [K[]utta is one of the most popular Joke endings in Nier: Automata. The ending is by far one of the funniest endings that caught most gamers off-guard. All you have to do is eat the Mackerel Fish after talking to Jackass in the Resistance Camp. Do you want to taste the Mackerel? You can, at the cost of your life.

Even though Jackass tells you it can kill you, you can still choose to eat the Mackerel Fish. After eating the Mackerel Fish, your bodily fluids will congest, and you will be paralyzed. However, the android's last thoughts were, "It was good, though. Exquisite, even.". At least you get a taste of a good Mackerel before breaking down.

How to get the ending: Eat the Mackerel Fish after talking to Jackass.


2B and 9S in the cinematic world of Nier: Automata.

Nier: Automata offers a brilliant narrative that can only be unlocked after playing the game multiple times. Below is a guide on how to get all the endings in this article, without any spoilers.

How to Get the Endings:

  1. Ending A: Complete your first playthrough.
  2. Ending C: Choose A2 during the final boss, and say "No." to Pod's request during the credits.
  3. Ending D: Choose 9S during the final boss, and you can choose either "I'll go with you." or "I'll stay." both would lead to this ending.
  4. Ending E: Go through Ending C or D and say "Yes" to Pod's request in the credits section.
  5. Ending K: Eat the Mackerel Fish after talking to Jackass in the camp.
  6. Ending L: Leave the boss area when battling the final boss in Route A or B.
  7. Ending M: Head towards the Abandoned Factory in Route C.
  8. Ending N: Kill all the machines waving a white flag in Pascal's village.
  9. Ending U: Self-destruct while in the bunker.
  10. Ending X: Avoid helping 2B at the commercial center.

Nier: Automata is certainly enjoyable in both its bleak and funny moments. Getting all the main endings shows a heart-wrenching story to be told. However, there are times when Nier: Automata has its own charm, and can give you a few laughs. Follow this guide to achieve the endings and enjoy the beautiful game that is Nier: Automata.

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