Ryback wants Goldberg while hinting AEW debut

Ryback has often been compared to Goldberg throughout his career and the two would eventually square up in the WWE.

Ryback has had plenty of critics in recent years due to his supposedly "dangerous" style of wrestling.

As the fog of wrestling rumors thickens, a shadow continues to loom large: that of WWE legend, Goldberg. The now elusive free agent has said several times that he wants to end his Hall of Fame career on a high note, even calling out WWE boss, Vince McMahon. As fans wait for Goldberg's final match or run, a new but familiar face has issued a challenge to the former WCW and WWF headliner in Ryback.

Ryback, like Goldberg, is a behemoth that hasn't appeared in the WWE in a while. As he prepares to return from injury, he's made his intentions known in a brash social media post.

Now that he's cleared for competition this summer, Ryback only has a specific target in his crosshairs: Goldberg.

Ironically, Goldberg has also been criticized for being a careless worker inside the ring.

Mind you, Ryback isn't just asking for any old wrestling match - he wants a Retirement Match. While this term might bring images of a swansong for Goldberg to mind, it could indicate a final showdown for Ryback as well.

At the same time, Ryback is hinting at debuting in All Elite Wrestling, stoking further speculation. This isn't as far-fetched as Tony Khan, the president of AEW, recently confirmed having had discussions with Goldberg.

Although Goldberg has mentioned that he's open to doing a self-promoted retirement tour, the AEW and WWE have much bigger platforms. The former, in particular, needs someone who can make the headlines alongside its incumbent stars like MJF. It's a win-win situation for both parties as Goldberg's name carries weight, especially if he is to feud with Ryback.

However, the lingering question remains: will Goldberg and Ryback lock horns in what could truly be a big event?

Goldberg's desire for a retirement match isn't a secret but he still hasn't found a willing buyer yet.

As ever in the thrilling world of sports entertainment, the truth remains hidden by a cloud of speculation and anticipation.

Thankfully, with the summer fast approaching, we won't have to wait for too long before the wrestling world is rocked with the answer.

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