Ryan Reynolds talks about being the next James Bond

The Canadian star cleared the air about whether or not he's going to be the next James Bond.

Who's the next James Bond?

Ryan Reynolds Next James Bond
Reynolds probably isn't going to be the next James Bond, but this hasn't stopped him from making his interest known.

This is the question that's been on everybody's mind ever since it was confirmed that Daniel Craig is stepping down from the iconic role that he's played for over a decade following the premiere of No Time to Die. People have suggested pretty much everyone who's done an action film at this point, but the more recent potential candidates include Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Tom Holland. However, it appears that Johnson's Red Notice co-star, Ryan Reynolds, is also in the running.

Ryan Reynolds is open to playing as James Bond

Ryan Reynolds Next James Bond
It would've been interesting to see Reynolds as James Bond had the original plans for an ensemble Canadian cast pushed through.

During an interview with The Times of London, Reynolds threw his hat inside the 007 ring. To quote, Reynolds wonders if the studio executives are open to accepting a "Canadian sipping gin and tonic instead of a martini" because he's interested. However, while Reynolds was probably joking, what isn't a joke is how close he was to playing the iconic spy a few years back.

Lee Demarbre and Ian Driscoll previously wanted to remake For Your Eyes Only back in 2015 with Reynolds set to play Bond. The two indie filmmakers would then round out the cast with other Canadian legends such as the late Christopher Plummer as well as Donald Sutherland, Michael Ironside, and Jessica Paré with the story moving to Ottawa.

The best part about this is that this could have all happened. Because of a loophole in the Canadian copyright system, Demarbre and Driscoll could have adapted For Your Eyes Only without a problem. Unfortunately, had the movie happened, it would've been released exclusively in Canada. Otherwise, the Berne Convention would apply as soon as it's released in the United States.

Reynolds' opportunity to play James Bond came in 2015 in a movie that probably could have happened but ultimately didn't. At the end of the day though, Reynolds didn't play James Bond and probably will not. This isn't to say that he'll never get picked for the role, but we highly doubt audiences will take as well to a Canadian portraying 007 any better than they would an American. Most James Bond actors have been British, so it's only fair to assume that an Englishman will get picked.

Not that all of this would leave Reynolds wanting.

Given how much clout he has in the industry, he's the sort of actor who could always do a competing product. In addition to this, Reynolds has a full slate ahead of him as soon as he's done with his sabbatical. Keep in mind that Deadpool is already part of the MCU and Deadpool 3 will officially bring him into the universe. Between his own feature films in the MCU and crossover appearances, as well as other films that he'll star in, including a potential Red Notice sequel, Reynolds probably doesn't have the time to play James Bond.

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