Ryan Reynolds celebrates the last day of Fleets with fake sequel movie posters

Ryan Reynolds made sure that Twitter fleets went out in style.

Deadpool And Korg React To Free Guy In Latest Tv Spot

Goodbye and so long, Twitter Fleets.

It hasn't even been a year since Twitter introduced Fleets back in November 2020. The feature, which lets Twitter users upload content to their social media account that then disappears after 24 hours have passed, was Twitter's answer to Facebook's and Snapchat's Stories. However, while these later options are still going strong, it appears that Twitter has decided to kill off Fleets from its platform.

To commemorate the occasion, Ryan Reynolds decided to upload fake sequel movie posters that we genuinely wish were true.

Ryan Reynolds pays homage to some of his best movies

Ryan Reynolds celebrated the last day of Twitter Fleets in the best way possible.
Ryan Reynolds celebrated the last day of Twitter Fleets in the best way possible.

Most people know Reynolds for his role as the now-MCU anti-hero, Deadpool. However, long before Deadpool made it big in Hollywood, Reynolds was already featuring in hit movies like 2002's Van Wilder and 2009's The Proposal. Both films showcase Reynolds' unique brand of charm and wit that goes so perfectly with his boyish good looks.

Unfortunately, the said films never got sequels for one reason or another. But, as we now know, it appears that there were actually plans for a sequel. Or, at least, perhaps that's what we can take away from Reynolds' shenanigans.

In celebration of Fleets' last day, Reynolds went ahead and posted fake sequel posters for those old movies.

Because the Fleets feature has been removed, you can't see them anymore. However, we did manage to snag some copies of the posters so that you can still take a look at them.

Here they are, in case you're curious:

Ryan Reynolds Celebrates The Last Day Of Fleets With Fake Sequel Movie Posters Ryan Reynolds Celebrates The Last Day Of Fleets With Fake Sequel Movie PostersRyan Reynolds Celebrates The Last Day Of Fleets With Fake Sequel Movie Posters

As expected, Reynolds didn't let the opportunity to let a joke at the expense of his good friend, Hugh Jackman, slip by. The two have been known to rib each other whenever they can and this was Reynolds' turn after Jackman did him good back in July.

Surprisingly enough, Reynolds didn't include a sequel to 2011's Green Lantern. Perhaps he really does have a genuine distaste for the film even though the superhero movie was where he met his wife, Blake Lively. Even so, a fake sequel movie poster would've done great anyway, especially with the DCEU set to welcome the Green Lantern anytime soon.

On a more serious note, you've got to give Reynolds props for giving everyone their daily dose of fun. From his relatable takes on parenthood to his struggles with anxiety, Reynolds has proven that he's not just a prolific actor but also an overall good guy.

With that said, while a Deadpool Musical is probably never going to happen, Deadpool 3 is already confirmed. It won't be here for a while, but the wait is certain to be well worth it. It'll be the first MCU film to have an R-rating when it arrives and judging by how well the two films have gone for Reynolds, we can expect the third installment in Reynolds' Deadpool films to deliver.

For now, fans can support Reynolds in his upcoming film with Taika Waititi, Free Guy, which is a GTA-esque movie about a non-playable character gaining sentience and being aware that he lives in a video game world.

So far, the early reactions to the movie have been positive ahead of its August 13 premiere, so even though it's no The Annulment nor Van Wilder: Back2School, it should be well worth watching for a good laugh or two.

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