Rust cross-platform and cross-play updates

Rust came out back in 2018 and the game has been slow to receive cross-play and cross-progression support, but we finally have some updates.

Rust has been one of the biggest titles on Steam since its release in February of 2018. It's a fun multiplayer title whose gameplay revolves around players banding up and building bases as well as raiding other players in a world where only one rule prevails: the survival of the fittest.

Rust Cross-platform And Cross-play Updates

But with the game being based so heavily on its multiplayer elements, players have long wondered when the game would start supporting multi-platform cross-play, or even cross-progression.

Is Rust cross-platform?

Most players perceive Rust as what Fallout 76 could have been. The game follows much of the same plot, dropping players into a barren post-apocalyptic world riddled with radiation. Differences arise when players are pitched against bears and wolves instead of Deathclaws, and the similarities resume again with the PvP aspect of the game.

But with PvP taking on such a major role, and players always being forced to hunt or escape from other players, a cross-platform skill gap could be a problem. So, whenever a player is unfairly hunted down or thinks killing another player was too easy, the question comes to mind whether your opponent was using the same input method as you or not.

Hunting down players and loot with your friends in Rust
Hunting down players and loot with your friends in Rust

The answer to whether Rust has cross-play is both a yes and a no. The game's cross-play situation is a bit more complex than players being able to play across PC, Playstation, and Xbox.

Rust cross-play and cross-platform status?

Instead of dividing players according to their console, Facepunch studios made the decision to divide them according to their input method. As a matter of fact, they released two separate versions of the game due to this.

The original Rust, which came out in 2018, is available on Steam. Meanwhile, Rust: Console Edition, came out in 2021, which is available on both the PlayStation and the Xbox. This means that players on either the Xbox or Playstation versions of the game can play together, while players on PC can only play against other PC players.

Following suit to the decision to not make Rust cross-platfrom between consoles and PC, Rust: Console Edition is also following a different development plan and cycle, and has separate updates from the PC version.

What is the future of cross-play in Rust?

At the time of writing, the studio behind Rust, Facepunch Studio, is firmly set in its belief that Rust: Console Edition and Rust cannot support cross-play between PC and console.

Hunting down food alone to survive in Rust
Hunting down food alone to survive in Rust

This stems from just how different the controls for the game on PC and console are. The studio is adamant on the fact that players using a keyboard and mouse will have an unfair advantage over players using a controller for the game.

So, as it stands, you can play with your friends on Rust if you are all using a gaming console. But if one of you is on PC, you probably won't be playing together anytime soon.

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