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RUMOR: Death Stranding Extended Edition With New Story Content Coming to PS4 & PS5

According to a Naftra of ResetEra, an extended edition of Death Stranding with additional story content is coming to the PS4 and PS5. Naftra has built a reputation for themselves after correctly "predicting" a lot of the stuff Sony that showed at last year's showcases.

If you're interested in Death Stranding but haven't played it yet, it might be worth it to wait a lil bit.

Naftra's comment was thought to be hinting at an upgraded, next-gen version of Death Stranding for PS5, but soon after another user claimed that they've heard of Death Stranding: Extended Edition with additional story content. The later's statement was confirmed by Naftra themselves with a simple yet affirmative "yup."

The upcoming upgrade to Death Stranding will quite likely be a paid one since there's rumoured to be new story content. Although, historically speaking, none of Kojima's games received additional story content. Then again, Death Stranding is the first time around when Kojima has full control over a game and its publication, thanks to Kojima Productions. Prior to starting his own studio, Hideo Kojima worked under Konami productions and did not have full creative liberties.

Death Stranding on PS5

Coming to the upgraded, next-gen version of the game, Death Stranding feels like a game that was made for PS5's Dual Sense controller. In the game, you had to balance the weight of your character by holding down R2 or L2. Imagine transcending that feel into the adaptive triggers.

On top of that, Death Stranding had multiple terrains that were differentiated by the controller vibration, another feature that's much better on the Dual Sense controller. Kojima was the only developer who used all the functions of the PS3 Controller when it came out, so Death Stranding on Dual Sense is bound to be great.

Death Stranding Extended Edition Release Date

At the moment, there is no official or rumoured release date of Death Stranding's Extended Edition. However, given that no major reworks are required, as the gameplay mechanics and the world are already sorted, the extended edition should hit the shelves sometime in 2021.

Via: ResetEra



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