Rumors suggest Tom Hardy's Venom will fight Tom Holland's Spider-Man

The iconic rivalry might hit the big screens to duke it out.

Venom Vs Spiderman News Featured

The iconic rivalry between Spider-Man and Venom is forever cherished by old and new fans of the franchise alike. Besides the comics, we've also experienced the feud between the two on screen in the Raimi trilogy, which was received exceptionally well by the audience.

Ever since the Raimi movies, we haven't seen any more on-screen clashes between the two except in the gaming world or old cartoons. However, new rumors suggest we might get our long-awaited Spider-Man vs. Venom in upcoming movies.

Tom Hardy's depiction of Venom in the Venom movie series has won the hearts of many. Both the movies did really well, and we are now looking at the third installment in the series. This new one might not just be a regular Venom movie, but a peculiar case of the universal fiasco similar to the one seen in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

According to a credible leaker on Twitter Culture Spider, Tom Holland's Spider-Man will take on Tom Hardy's Venom.

It is unclear how or when this may occur, but this information is quite significant in the MCU as we've seen Tom hardy's Venom making an appearance in the post-credit scene of No Way Home. This leaves plenty of opportunities and gives MCU the creative freedom of making their own twist should they decide to have Tom Hardy's Venom in their universe.

This gives us two possibilities: The fight between the two can occur in the next Spider-Man 4 movie or it could occur in Venom 3. Given how the multiverse is a commonly recurring theme in the MCU as of late, all this is definitely possible.

Fans had mixed reactions upon hearing of Tom Holland's Spider-Man possibly fighting Tom Hardy's Venom. While many were content with the idea, others weighed in with the negatives of having the Amazing Spider-Man's star, Andrew Garfield, fight Venom.

After watching the post-credit scene of No Way Home, we all knew that the fight between the two would be inevitable at some point in the future. When and how it will happen is for the creative directors to handle. All we, as the audience, can do is wait.

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