Rumor: Next GTA game won't be called "GTA 6"

This leak does come from the same source as the inaccurate GTA 5 E&E delay leak, though, so stay skeptical.

Now that Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that development on the next Grand Theft Auto game is "well underway", it was bound to trigger a deluge of new leaks and speculation - not that the community needed nudging in that regard. True enough, we already have a new bit of insider info claiming that the game won't be called GTA 6 at all.

As beautiful as Los Santos is in GTA 5, we expect GTA 6's version of Vice City to look even better.

This information comes from the same leaker who previously implied on Twitter that GTA 5 Expanded and Enhanced would be facing further delays due to troubled development and a change in scope that the developers were not entirely prepared for. However, Rockstar Games has since confirmed the March 15 release date, so take all of this with a grain of salt.

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While GTA 5 may have been the latest (new) release, there are far more than 5 games in the series - in fact, some of the best known entries like San Andreas and Vice City are not numbered titles. There are some slightly less popular spin offs as well, like Liberty City Stories.

Point is, it is not unusual for unnumbered GTA games to be released, and sprinkled in between "mainline" releases. This makes the proposal that "the next game in the GTA series", as Rockstar put it, won't be called GTA 6 at all quite plausible.

Matheusbr9895_ on Twitter has claimed to have heard 'internal buzz' about the finalized name of the project, suggesting that it might be "something like" GTA Vice. They specify that this is subject to change. An allusion to the game's setting in the title lines up with past naming conventions for the series, and "GTA Vice" is a name that's popped up in various leaks and rumors several times already.

That said, we're not sure just what this supposed leak is trying to achieve. "Something like" and "subject to change" make it all seem a lot less committed than most other leaks, even if we take all leaks with some skepticism anyway.

While a Vice City setting has been at the forefront of leaked info about GTA 6 for years, there is still no consensus, even among the more believable sources, about where the game will take place. This makes nailing down just how likely GTA Vice as a name is. Add to that the fact that "something like GTA Vice" could also mean that the developers are considering a name in the format of GTA [Setting], be it Vice City or any other.

GTA VI...ce. We see what you did there.

In any case, fans can be prepared for a flood of more GTA 6 leaks and rumors now that the game has been officially acknowledged by the developers.

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