RUMOR: Fantastic 4 will introduce Reed and Sue’s children

According to insider sources, casting for Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four will start with Sue Storm and possibly Franklin and Valeria Richards.

A new rumor for the Fantastic Four Marvel Studios reboot suggests the Invisible Woman will be the first priority, as well as a key element in their family dynamic.

According to insider sources, casting for Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four will start with Sue Storm and possibly Franklin and Valeria Richards. (Images: Marvel Studios/Disney)

As Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is currently running in theaters and receiving mixed reviews from critics and fans, a new rumor has come to light about casting for the Fantastic Four reboot. It appears Sue Storm will be the first role that is being prioritized. But aside from that, a new wrinkle in Marvel’s First Family is apparently going to be explored, with an emphasis on the "family" part.

Check out the details of the insider rumor below.

On his Twitter account, Jeff Sneider invited his followers to tune in to The Hot Mic stream, hinting at the Fantastic Four rumor related to the possible Saoirse Ronan casting as Sue Storm.

During the stream, Sneider stated that it will not be Ronan, and that Marvel Studios is looking at older actors and actresses for both the roles of Reed Richards and Sue Storm. Sneider expanded upon this rumor by saying:

Someone reached out, and they go, 'It's not gonna be Saoirse Ronan'... Here's why: Reed and Sue are parents in the movie. That’s what I heard.

TheInSneider is an outspoken industry insider who has broken out rumors that were confirmed to be true later on, such as Blade losing its director and requiring rewrites to the script. So while this is certainly a rumor, there may be at least some truth to it.

The previous live action versions of the Fantastic Four had a differently aged group of actors. The first two were closer to the classic comic book versions, while the later 2015 reboot was loosely based on the Ultimate Universe with a younger cast.

It also makes sense that Sue would be the first to be cast, as the team’s moral center. In the first films, Jessica Alba was cast in the role and she was certainly the most famous star among the cast at the time. In the later Fan4stic reboot, Sue was played by Kate Mara.

Jessica Alba played Sue Storm in the first two Fantastic Four films (2005 and 2007), before Kate Mara took over in the reboot Fan4stic (2015).

There have been multiple actors rumored to be in the running to play Mr. Fantastic, including Henry Cavill, Adam Driver, and Penn Badgley, as well as the possible return of John Krasinski from his Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness cameo. On the other hand, fewer casting rumors for the Invisible Woman have surfaced. Emily Blunt, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis, and the aforementioned Saoirse Ronan have been the most recent and prominent so far.

But the second part of the rumor that TheInSneider broke is also interesting to note. The previous live action Fantastic Four films have not explored the angle of having their children as part of the equation. That will certainly influence how the team and family dynamics of the F4 will be presented in the movie. However, while the rumor mentions Reed and Sue will be parents, it is not stated whether they will have just one or both of their children.

In the Marvel Comics, Reed and Sue first had their son Franklin Richards. Franklin would later develop cosmic-level powers that could recreate reality. Later on, the couple would have their second child, Valeria Richards. While Valeria does not have any super-powers by birth, she is a super-genius that rivals even her father and his arch-nemesis, Doctor Doom.

Directed by Matt Shakman, the Marvel Cinematic Universe reboot of the Fantastic Four is currently targeting a February 14, 2025 release date.

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