Ronald Raygun Pizza Delivery Easter Egg Guide On Forsaken (Free Raygun)

By now, you've all heard of the infamous Ronald Raygun zombie, originating from the Ronald Reagan meme. Treyarch has once again taken a step further by adding a secret easter egg where you do a pizza delivery for Ronald Raygun in Forsaken.

Ronald Raygun Featured

It is a fun side-easter egg where you get to deliver four pizzas around the map for a reward per pizza delivered. You do not even need to turn on the power for this easter egg, and it can be done quite early in the game. This makes it a beneficial side-easter egg to get some beneficial rewards for a nice head-start on this map.

You have a chance of getting a tier I armor, essence points, salvage, and even a free ray gun.

Here's how you can do the Ronald Raygun pizza delivery easter egg on the Forsaken.

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Aether Shroud

First, you need to make sure you have a tier III upgraded aether shroud available. If it is not upgraded to tier III, you won't be able to complete this easter egg. It is essential to have a tier III aether shroud as we need the teleportation ability.

Secret Room

When you spawn into the game, quickly get to the checkpoint area, kill zombies to earn some points, and charge up your aether shroud field upgrade.

Then make your way to the main street by opening up the locked door on the platform ahead.

Once on the main street, go to Beach Pizza to your left and unlock the door.

As soon as you enter, look to your left to find a door. This door will be locked.

You need to stand next to it and use your aether shroud ability to teleport inside of the room.

Now, you can open the door from the inside to return to the kitchen. Or, you can wait for your aether shroud to run out, which will automatically open up the door.

You will find a dancing Ronald Raygun with four pizza boxes next to him when you get inside.

This is where the easter egg begins.

Pizza Delivery

You can interact with the pizza boxes next to Ronald Raygun to pick one up. Every time you pick up a pizza box, a timer of 45 seconds shows up.

This is a timer in which you must deliver the pizza to a specific location.

Once delivered, the timer is gone, and you can return to Ronald Raygun to request a reward.

He will drop a random reward for you. It can be anything from points to salvage and from armor to even a ray gun.

After collecting your rewards, you can interact with the second pizza box and deliver that to a location, return, and collect your reward.

The 45-second timer is for single pizza box delivery only. You can only carry and deliver one pizza at a time.

The Locations

Now that you know about the pizza delivery, you should know the location where you must deliver. Don't worry. You don't need to have the stamin-up perk to deliver these pizzas. You will have more than enough time as all the locations are in Anytown.

The following are the locations:

Location 1 - Video Store

The first location is inside the video store on the western side of Anytown.

Head inside, and you will notice an empty pizza box in the corner by the action-category shelf. There will also be a mannequin next to it. These mannequins are an indication of where you need to deliver the pizza.

Interact with the empty pizza box to deliver the pizza.

Once done, the timer will stop. You can return to Ronald Raygun and interact with him to request your payment.

Upon request, he will give you a random reward. We got large essence (50 points) for the first three deliveries and a tier I armor for the last delivery.

Location 2 - Cinema

The second location is the cinema directly in front of the video store.

As soon as you open the door, you will find two mannequins sitting on a bench to your left with an empty pizza box next to them.

Interact with the empty pizza box to deliver the pizza and return for your reward.

Location 3 - Burger Town

The third location is the burger town restaurant on the eastern side of Anytown.

You will find a table with two mannequins and an empty pizza box. Interact with the box to deliver the pizza and return for a reward.

Location 4 - Bar

The fourth and final location is the bar in front of burger town.

There is a table with two mannequins standing by it and an empty pizza box.

Interact with the pizza box to deliver the pizza and return to Ronald Raygun for a reward.

Killing Ronald Raygun

If you wish, you can also kill Ronald Raygun after receiving your final reward. However, unlike Outbreak, Ronald Raygun on this map won't drop any ray gun when killed. You can only get the ray gun as a reward for delivering the pizza.

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