Ron Perlman still wants to do a third Hellboy film

Perlman isn't exactly excited to do Hellboy 3 because of his age, but he feels like he owes it to the fans.

The Ron Perlman-led Hellboy films didn't win awards nor did the pair of movies ever hit it big at the global box office. Nevertheless, fans loved Perlman's live-action portrayal of the Dark Horse Comics character while Guillermo del Toro tried to do the source material justice. The duo's efforts were popular enough among audiences - it also helped that 2008's Hellboy II: The Golden Army did well financially - to warrant a third film.

Ron Perlman is still a bankable star in today's Hollywood, especially if attached to the Hellboy property.
Ron Perlman is still a bankable star in today's Hollywood, especially if attached to the Hellboy property.

Unfortunately, Hellboy 3 never happened despite entering pre-production in 2008. But, despite the ill-fated demise of the third Hellboy film, it appears that the lead star is still keen on reprising his former role at the age of 71.

Perlman's Hellboy, just like the comic book character of the same name, was a demon raised by humans to work for the FBI's Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD), to eliminate non-convenient threats from other worlds. The third film, as revealed by del Toro, would have seen Big Red accept his destiny as the "Beast of the Apocalypse". Del Toro claimed that he always planned to do a trilogy, with Hellboy 3 giving Perlman's character a definitive end.

There's no indication yet that del Toro still wants to do Hellboy 3, but if Perlman, as revealed in a The Independent interview, is on board, who knows? Perlman's statement is pretty clear, saying that he wasn't eager to do Hellboy 3 because of his age but he wants to do it because he and Guillermo "owe this to the fans."

The 2019 Hellboy rebooting starting David Harbour as the titular character was a colossal failure at the global box office partly because fans wanted none of it. Given the incessant demand for Hellboy 3, Universal Pictures, which previously handled distribution of the first two Perlman-led Hellboy films, might want to reconsider. The $120 million price tag del Toro previously quoted to do Hellboy 3 might be steep, but it's not half-bad when the market is full of comic book movies that are just as or more expensive.

Here's to hoping that del Toro gets wind of Perlman's statement and finds a way to make Hellboy 3 happen.

In other news, Embracer Group, which owns studios such as THQ Nordic and Gearbox Entertainment, recently finalized its Dark Horse Comics merger. Meanwhile, last year, we found out that Dark Horse wants to make video games based on its comic book properties like Hellboy.

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