Roman Reigns to introduce a new WWE Universal Championship belt

Roughly a decade after The Rock unveiled a new WWE Championship, his cousin, Roman Reigns, is about to do the same on May June 2.

The Tribal Chief has been one of the most consistent forces in the WWE over the past three years.

The WWE celebrates moments of change as symbols of turning points in history. Now that the long-reigning Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns, approaches an impressive milestone of 1,000 days of holding the titles belts, the WWE has hinted at a massive shift coming up.

According to Fightful Select, an internal memo sent around the WWE confirms that audiences will bear witness to the grand unveiling of a "New WWE Universal Championship" at the June 2 episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

Echoing back to The Rock's unveiling of the WWE Championship in 2013, Triple H and the rest of the WWE creative team are looking to replicate a similar spectacle.

However, it's important to remember that plans are ever-changing in the WWE, so this may or may not happen at all.

The rumors suggest that the WWE is going to do the same thing with Roman Reigns and the new championship belt as what it did with The Rock in 2013.

Reigns has dominated the squared circle since August 30, 2020. In that time, Reigns has established himself as a champion who will stop nothing to secure the win.

Reigns currently holds two of WWE's top titles, the WWE Championship and the Universal Championship. He's beaten the likes of Brock Lesnar, Bray Wyatt, and Braun Strowman, to get to this point. His recent victory against Cody Rhodes at this year's Showcase of the Immortals solidified his status further as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

However, Reigns' run hasn't been without its fair share of trials and tribulations. The Head of the Table has survived tensions with the rest of The Bloodline, most recently with the betrayal of Jimmy Uso. This, along with the possible involvement of his uncle and The Usos' father, Rikishi, has added another layer of complexity to Reigns' narrative.

Thus, this impending celebration may be tinted with the undertone of this unfolding drama, spicing up the spectacle.

While some argue that Reigns' grip on the current championships diminishes their value, the converse is also true. Reigns' dominance is one for the ages and the new championship is part of its celebration. But, on the off chance that the WWE will consolidate both of his current titles into one, then it only makes Reigns all that much more worthy of etching his name in the annals of WWE history.

We know it probably won't happen but it'd be awesome to see Roman Reigns try and go after Seth Rollins now that The Visionary is the face of RAW.

As Seth Rollins wears the newly minted WWE Heavyweight Championship, a new title for Reigns could help provide a fresh start and maybe even place both champions on more equal footing.

As we wait in anticipation for what unfolds at this Friday's SmackDown, one thing is certain: whether the new belt replaces the old Universal Championship or combines both of Reigns' titles into one, the June 2 episode is promising to be one of the more memorable shows in recent memory.

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