Roman Reigns debuts new Undisputed WWE Universal Championship belt

Going forward, Roman Reigns will only need to carry one unified belt that "represents" the two championships he has won.

From The Big Dog to The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns' journey atop the WWE has been nothing short of phenomenal.

The entire WWE universe witnessed and acknowledged Roman Reigns in a historical event on the June 2 episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

To commemorate Reigns' 1,000-day reign as the WWE Universal Champion, Triple H was there to award him a brand new unified championship belt.

The WWE Creative Head was there to celebrate the occasion, presenting The Tribal Chief with a new belt merging the WWE title and the Universal championship into one strap. This singular belt symbolizes the culmination of Reigns' dominance for nearly three years, while also marking the retirement of both the WWE Championship belt and the Universal Championship belt.

Triple H, in his tribute to Reigns, stated:

On behalf of the entire WWE Universe, I would like to congratulate you on surpassing 1,000 days as champion, something that hasn't been accomplished in WWE in almost 40 years. It truly is epic.

The black-strapped belt with an all-gold front plant echoes the design of the now-retired title belts, reminding all of Reigns' exceptional run.

As the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, Reigns' standing within the WWE is unrivaled. But, the night wasn't purely a moment of celebration for the Head of the Table.

At this point, the stage is set for Reigns to lose his title belts but the WWE will likely delay it for as long as possible.

Reigns' cousins, Jimmy and Jey Uso, collectively known as The Usos, interrupted the proceedings, leading to a tense confrontation that saw the Usos, Reigns, and Solo Sikoa, embroiled in a very public family feud. After a heated exchange, Reigns ordered Jey to kick his brother, Jimmy, a demand that was firmly rebuffed. Jimmy confronts Reigns, telling him that he'd "gone crazy," hinting that the lines drawn between family and loyalty had become muddled.

In a surprising turn of events, the Usos' younger brother, Solo Sikoa, turned on his brothers after initially siding with them.

This powerplay highlighted Reigns' commanding presence within the WWE, with Sikoa standing by him despite the tension. As the Tribal Chief walked away with Heyman and Sikoa, he confidently declared that Jey would eventually "fall in line."

The evening concluded with one message: Roman Reigns might be the only Tribal Chief but the days of The Bloodline are numbered.

Solo Sikoa is being positioned as the next threat to Roman Reigns.

This momentous occasion comes just a week after the WWE introduced the new World Heavyweight Championship with Seth Rollins becoming its inaugural champion. Currently, Rollins and Reigns are the two world champions of the company, each leading their respective brands: Friday Night SmackDown and Monday Night RAW.

With Cody Rhodes busy feuding with Brock Lesnar until at least Money in the Bank, the chances are that the implosion of The Bloodline will keep Reigns busy in the meantime.

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