Roman Reigns might have just denied end to historic run

It definitely looks like the Tribal Leader doesn't want end his reign atop the WWE to end anytime soon.

Seth Rollins, Cody Rhodes, The Rock, and Sami Zayn, are just some of the names fans love to throw around about who could put an end to the reign of the WWE unified champ. But, if you ask the Tribal Leader, he's not keen on stepping down anytime soon.

Roman Reigns Denied End Historic Run
Roman Reigns hasn't been involved in the WWE much lately despite being the top dog.

According to a profile by The Ringer, Reigns still has plenty more stories to tell.

Paul Heyman, specifically, said that Roman is one of the most interesting top dogs to be in the WWE, saying:

I would suggest that after two years of television, you knew who ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin was. After two years of television, you knew who the Rock was. After two years of television, you knew who Hulk Hogan was. After two years of television, you knew who John Cena was. After over two years of being the undisputed champion, you’re still finding out different layers of Roman Reigns.

Finally, when he was asked about his journey atop the WWE, Reigns turned to baseball and football. The Head of the Table said that he's "right in the middle" and it's still the "bottom of the third inning" or the "second quarter of the Super Bowl."

TLDR; don't expect Reigns to give up his belts anytime soon.

Of course, there are plenty of ways to interpret what Reigns just said. His historic run could end soon as Triple H already has a few ideas about how to go about it. However, it wouldn't be the first time that the WWE's head of creative gave the incumbent champion leeway who they think should beat them.

Case in point, Hulk Hogan once famously said that he didn't know if he'd beat Andre the Giant until it happened, because that's just who he was.

Reigns isn't quite the lumbering giant that the Eighth Wonder of the World was, but he's still pretty huge. It'd take a lot of convincing on Triple H's part for him to give up his throne.

Hopefully, when that does happen, Triple H and the rest of the WWE's executives gives us a show to remember.

Roman Reigns Denied End Historic Run
Reigns is the longest-reigning Universal Champion in history.

In the meantime, WWE fans can look forward to Cody Rhodes' return. Some believe he's at the top of the list of potential candidates to take out Reigns. We'll know more for sure when Rhodes comes back in the next few months.

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