Rockstar called out for trolling fans with GTA 6 tease

This is not the first time Rockstar has teased its fans with clues about the next iteration of the popular open-world game.

Rockstar Games' most recent string of teases haven't been well-received within the GTA community.

Fans have called out Rockstar Games for possibly teasing Grand Theft Auto 6 and outright trolling them.

Recently, Rockstar posted a cryptic image on its social media pages, which some took as a hint that the release date for GTA 6 is going to be announced soon. However, not all the fans are impressed. Some feel like it's just another example of the company's tendency to troll followers.

This isn't the first time Rockstar has teased its fans with clues about the next iteration of the popular open-world game and this certainly won't be the last.

Of course, not all information about GTA 6 comes from Rockstar, some are from trusted insiders and leaks, like the one that happened last year.

Having said that, fans are disappointed that Rockstar continues to troll everyone about GTA 6.

While plenty of gamers are excited about the prospect of playing a new GTA game, most are cautious about getting too hyped before an official announcement.

Dead giveaway that the announcement is gonna be this year?
by u/FrequentUser2 in GTA6

For what it's worth, Rockstar's marketing strategy has proven itself to be quite effective. The buzz around a new GTA game is at an all-time high, and the company has managed to keep its followers engaged and invested all throughout. But, some argue that the constant teasing and trolling will eventually backfire, especially if we don't hear anything official about GTA 6 soon.

Most recently, Trevor Philips' voice actor hinted that he could return for GTA 6, possibly for a cameo appearance.

GTA 6 is currently in development with high hopes from Take-Two Interactive. It's believed to be set in the modern day with an improved version of the Miami-inspired location, Vice City.

GTA 5 is the second-best-selling game of all time, which puts a ton of pressure on Rockstar and GTA 6.

Speaking of Rockstar Games, Jack Black recently called out the GTA developers to do a Naughty Dog and adapt Red Dead Redemption for the big screen.

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