Rockstar hints at even more GTA Online DLC featuring Franklin in 2022

After Franklin returned in the latest GTA Online DLC, Rockstar might have just confirmed its future plans for the character in 2022.

It appears that Rockstar Games isn't done digging into the Grand Theft Auto 5 goldmine just yet. After bringing back one of the game's main protagonists, Franklin Clinton, in GTA Online's latest update, fans noticed that Rockstar might have just inadvertently revealed its bigger plans for the popular character.

GTA fans might just get a chance to see more of Franklin in GTA Online soon.

Prepare for more GTA Online DC in 2022

Here's to hoping that Dr. Dre returns to GTA Online in future DLCs as well.

In GTA Online's latest VIP Contract update, Rockstar brings back a familiar face in Franklin. The said mission sees players help out Clinton alongside a surprise appearance from Dr. Dre, which was "leaked" a few months ago. However, while the latest GTA Online mission has been nothing short of a success, it appears that Rockstar has bigger plans for Franklin.

Although Rockstar hasn't technically confirmed its future DLC plans for GTA Online, the December 23 Rockstar Social Club post does suggest that Franklin is coming back.  To be more specific, the post reads "Help Franklin with his first VIP Contract and you'll be duly rewarded for aiding an old friend while also making new connections in the music business."

Fans are speculating that Rockstar specifically used the word "his first" to imply that more Contract DLC missions featuring Franklin are coming to GTA Online.

While this is all just speculation, it is interesting that Rockstar worded it so. At this point, Rockstar knows its audiences. GTA fans will comb through every little detail if they think that it's worth looking into. Case in point, just take a look at those fans thinking that Rockstar dropped clues about GTA 6 in GTA Trilogy.

The good news here is that GTA 5's next-gen update is coming soon. If Rockstar intends to release new GTA Online content, the best time to do it would be in March 2022.

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