Rockstar Games teases Red Dead Online DLC info dropping tomorrow

Red Dead Online: Blood Money is launching on the 13th of July, and tomorrow we're getting a trailer.

Rockstar Games has teased the official reveal of Red Dead Online's next DLC, Blood Money, in today's Newswire post detailing a new slew of weekly bonuses, and the release date for the major update has also been revealed.

News about Blood Money comes amid a bit of a content crisis in Red Dead Online as players complain about the apparent lack of support.

Much like the company's other game and utter industry juggernaut GTA Online, Red Dead Online gets a rotating set of bonuses each week, cranking up the in-game rewards on various activities allowing players to earn a bit more if they grind the selected missions. As the weekly switchover happened today and Rockstar announced the latest bonuses - giving players double rewards on Showdowns and story missions - they notified fans to stay tuned for DLC news tomorrow.

"Roles" have provided the majority of content in Red Dead Online post-launch

Blood Money, as we now know it is called, is going to be a larger DLC that has been teased in some form or other for months now. A trailer will give us a better idea of what to expect, but Rockstar's has indicated that players will join up an organized crime ring operating out of Saint Denis for brand new activities, a set of story missions and multi-part robberies. It seems like Rockstar is taking a page from GTA Online's book, where co-op heists have been the hottest activities for years now.

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We also finally know when the DLC will launch - on the 13th of July, meaning next Tuesday. While the prospect of new content in Red Dead Online which isn't just another role again is exciting, this may come too late for many fans who spent months decrying a lack of content. Even before the Naturalist role DLC released, players were displeased by the amount of content in the game, and unfortunately the Naturalist didn't do much to alleviate these concerns.

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Players have complained about a lack of new content for a while now.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was a massive success by all measures, and Online drew throngs of players in its heyday - but it is no GTA Online, that's for sure. Going standalone had seemingly helped things and boosted the game's population, but the amount of content remained an issue. Hopefully Blood Money will inject some new excitement into the game, with its take on heists acting as a sort of end-game challenge to keep veteran players around.

In any case, we'll learn more from tomorrow's trailer - and we don't have to wait long to jump into the seedy underworld of outlaws in Red Dead Online: Blood Money.

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