Rockstar Games releases security update for GTA Online

Rockstar is hoping to fix the GTA Online exploit that gives hackers free reigns to do what they want to other people's accounts and even hardware.

Just days after promising to patch the security vulnerability plaguing Grand Theft Auto Online, Rockstar Games has released an update that will, hopefully, get gamers back to playing its most profitable venture yet.

rockstar games security update gta online
Rockstar Games pulled through with its earlier promise.

The patch notes for the latest GTA Online update don't go into much detail about what it's for but the purpose is clear.

According to Rockstar, it has "implemented a new data protocol" that it believes will help "improve the security of network sessions and player-to-play messaging." In addition, Rockstar also claims that it has "fixed an issue" regarding unauthorized third-party modifications in GTA Online as well as "players being kicked or crashed."

It hasn't been more than 24 hours since the patch went live and people seem to be enjoying GTA Online with no fear - at least, for now.

rockstar games security update gta online
GTA Online players aren't quite sold yet that the game is 100% safe.

If you head on over to the GTA Online subreddit, the few who've been "brave" enough to try out GTA Online immediately after the security fix suggest that all is good right now. As u/Verb_NounNumber quips, "PC gamers can finally go back to only having the game experience ruined and not both the experience and their account."

Unfortunately, as per Speyedr, the brains behind the anti-cheat software, Guardian, current and older versions of the mod won't work for GTA Online unless you're playing a "solo session". They explain that Rockstar did something with the net code to prevent a similar issue in the future.

Speaking of Grand Theft Auto, an insider is confident that GTA 6 is almost finished as Rockstar has now moved on to the "polishing" stage of the game's development.

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