Rockstar Games to release new Los Santos Drug Wars update for GTA 5

Rockstar Games says Los Santos Drug Wars is the first part of "an expansive new two-part story update."

Rockstar Games might've sensed the growing anticipation for the much-hyped winter update for Grand Theft Auto Online. Just days after releasing a new update for the popular, now-standalone, online spin-off to GTA 5, Rockstar just announced the game's next major content update.

Rockstar Games Los Santos Drug Wars Update Gta
It looks like Rockstar Games is finally starting to roll out the highly anticipated winter update for GTA Online.

According to Rockstar, GTA 5's next update, Los Santos Drug Wars, will arrive next Tuesday, December 13. The update will feature a familiar face in "Nervous Ron" and what the studio is describing as other "out-of-state misfits" as you try and help them "put their stamp on the psychedelics trade."

But, be careful, as you're not alone. As you run your own drug lab, you'll be faced with an "unlikely coalition of wealthy hippies and trigger-happy bikers."

Rockstar revealed a host of other gameplay features that are coming to GTA Online as part of the latest update, which includes a new business enterprise for players to run as well as new vehicles, upgrades, and missions. But, Rockstar refused to go into the specifics of the incoming update, so we'll just have to wait to find out more about what else is included in this "opening chapter" for the next big GTA Online update.

Rockstar Games Los Santos Drug Wars Update Gta
We're excited to find out what the CEO of Trevor Philips Enterprises has been up to lately.

Rockstar has supported GTA Online for nearly a decade already and its popularity continues to grow. Many criticize GTA Online as the reason why GTA 6 is taking so long to come. But, while this conspiracy theory could partly be true, audiences can't complain when Rockstar takes such good care of the game.

Not to mention, GTA 6 has already been confirmed and Take-Two Interactive has high hopes for it. Judging from the leaked footage we saw of GTA 6, the next installment in the best-selling Rockstar franchise could be much further along in development than expected. GTA 6 might even end up releasing in 2024, as per Microsoft.

With that said, all eyes are on Los Santos Drug Wars to see if it can top July's update, The Criminal Enterprises.

In other news, fans believe that the remastered GTA Trilogy is finally headed to Steam and the Epic Games Store over a year after its initial launch.

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