Rockstar Games successfully trolls GTA fans with trippy new video

A strange new video is responsible for making some GTA fans believe that Rockstar Games is teasing GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is real and it exists. We know that because Rockstar Games confirmed that it's in "active development" earlier this year. Also, there was the whole fiasco all the way back in September about development footage of the game leaking online. However, outside of Take-Two Interactive hyping GTA 6 and reassuring fans that the development is going as planned, we haven't heard any official GTA 6 info. Of course, this hasn't stopped fans from speculating and, in most cases, reaching.

rockstar games gta fans trippy new video
This 15-second clip is merely a reminder of the incoming content for GTA Online.

Case in point, a 15-second clip by Rockstar Games on Twitter sent fans into a frenzy. Many believed this was Rockstar's way of teasing GTA 6. However, the kaleidoscope of bright and trippy colors likely doesn't have anything to do with the next mainline GTA game.

Keep in mind that the shifting colors are usually associated with hallucinogenic drugs, which are front and center of the Los Santos Drug Wars.

So, as much as we'd love to say that Rockstar is teasing GTA 6, we know this isn't likely. Of course, we can't discount the fact that Rockstar snuck in something related to GTA 6 in that short snippet. After all, this is the same studio known for hiding easter eggs that take years to discover. Besides, didn't we just start noticing how Rockstar has been using GTA Online to tease GTA 6? At this point, you can't blame fans for making much ado about potentially nothing.

The good news is that Rockstar appear to be their old selves. If Rockstar is out there trolling fans, then we know Rockstar is at its best.

rockstar games gta fans trippy new video
The Los Santos Drug Wars update has been well received by GTA Online players.

Rockstar promised Los Santos Drug Wars is just one part of a much larger update, so fans will likely be getting more new info for theory crafting and speculation. Who knows? One of these days, someone will get something right and we'll finally get a better look at GTA 6. If not, then at least Rockstar knows how to keep us busy while waiting for GTA 6 to come out by 2024 or 2025, depending on who you ask.

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