Rockstar Games might add fast travel to GTA Online soon

Fast travel has been one of the most highly requested features in GTA Online and it might finally come to the game soon.

Rockstar Games usually sends out feelers, in the form of surveys, to find out what the public thinks about certain potential features that could be added to Grand Theft Auto Online. In one such recent survey, the developers of GTA Online sent a handful of GTA Online players to pick their brains about potentially adding fast travel in GTA Online.

Rockstar Games Adding Fast Travel Gta Online Soon Scaled
Unlike Red Dead Redemption Online, Rockstar Games did not add a fast-travel function to GTA Online.

Specifically, GTA+ members received a survey invite together with an in-game GTA$ reward for completing it. The survey doesn't stand out much save for two simple things: the mention of fast travel and access to existing Rockstar Games titles.

Rockstar Games hasn't mentioned these possible features at all in recent times but fans have a couple of theories. The prevailing one is that Rockstar might add some form of fast travel to GTA Online that is exclusive to GTA+ members. But, if this happens, we can expect backlash. GTA+ is a premium subscription that requires a monthly fee. By locking the fast-travel feature behind what's effectively a paywall, Rockstar is setting an awful precedent for future Rockstar Games titles, including GTA 6.

Rockstar Games Adding Fast Travel Gta Online Soon
There's a better argument to include fast-travel in GTA 6, which is said to feature the largest map in the series.

Hopefully, Rockstar will take a long and hard look at the potential effects of adding a fast-travel feature in GTA Online. Although it's highly requested, fast travel isn't as important in GTA Online where players can quickly travel from one place on the map to another. It might not be such a good idea to upset the fanbase by making fast travel exclusive to GTA+. But, hey, Rockstar has made a lucrative living by proving people wrong, so who knows?

Rockstar might find a way to implement a fast-travel function in GTA Online with minimal effect on the balance of the game.

Speaking of GTA 6, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games are still mum about the status of the game. But, for what it's worth, Strauss Zelnick is confident that the massive leak won't affect the game's development.

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