Rockstar Energy releases Halo Infinite-themed drinks as part of collaboration

Halo x Rockstar collaboration lets players earn in-game rewards for Halo Infinite by buying Rockstar drinks.

Get ready Spartans, your sugar and caffeine fix just arrived. Microsoft has just announced that 343 Industries and Rockstar Energy have partnered together to release limited-edition versions of Rockstar Energy drinks based on Halo Infinite, and that will feature original artwork pieces from several international artists.

One lucky fan in the United States will get a chance to win this vehicle right here.

More importantly, each drink comes with a code. Fans can use these codes to unlock unique skins for the MA40, Razorback, and Warthog in Halo Infinite once it's out later this year. Other rewards from using the codes include a Rockstar-themed nameplate and emblem.

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Spartans better prepare for a caffeine and sugar overload

Honesty, it would've been better if Rockstar announced the collaboratin alongside dates of the Halo Infinite beta.

A few weeks back, Rockstar Energy released a teaser for its upcoming collaboration with Microsoft and 343 Industries. Fast forward to today and we finally know what it is.

As we've already mentioned, fans can start buying Halo Infinite-themed cans with codes inside them. The limited-edition cans have been available for sale since October 1 and will be available until December 31. The promotion is limited only to the United States and Canada.

For more information about the other rewards from redeeming the codes from each can, we recommend that you check out Rockstar's official website.

In addition to in-game rewards, each purchase will also let fans enter a sweepstake. Here, fans will get a chance to win a copy of Halo Infinite or an Xbox Series X. The latter is part of a prize bundle that includes a digital copy of Halo Infinite, a 27-inch Razer Raptor monitor, as well as a unique Halo Infinite-themed Kaira Pro headset from Razer. Even better, one lucky fan in the United States will also go home with a customized Jeep Gladiator. The said vehicle comes complete with Warthog-style armor, pro-level suspension, and huge 43-inch tires.

After a year-long delay, 343 is finally set to release Halo Infinite on December 8. After a series of early flight tests, fans can look forward to another shot at the Halo Infinite multiplayer gameplay for a final beta test sometime in November.

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