Rockstar confirms major updates this month for GTA Online

Ray tracing, among others, is finally coming to GTA Online players on the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

Rockstar Games has dropped some excellent news for GTA Online players just a few weeks ahead of the Yuletide break. Players will rejoice to find out that the nearly decade-old game will be getting several new improvements and even some new content.

Rockstar Confirms Major Updates Gta Online Scaled
Surprisingly enough, Rockstar Games didn't time the update announcement with the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

Rockstar took this opportunity to thank the "devoted community of enterprising criminals, creators, and competitors in Grand Theft Auto Online." As a reward for the success of The Heists Challenge, Rockstar is making the Declasse Tahoma Coupe accessible to GTA Online players. More importantly, the GTA Online December update will include a handful of new features and improvements based on the feedback the studio received on the GTA Online feedback website.

Rockstar Confirms Major Updates Gta Online
GTA Online continues to get updates nearly a decade after it was first released.

Here's a full list of updates announced for GTA Online later this month:

General Improvements

  • Choose Contracts to display and hide using the Interaction Menu
  • Use the Benefactor Terrorbyte to launch Business Sell Missions
  • Solo run Agatha's Casino Story Missions starting today
  • Ray-tracing via Fidelity Mode on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Vehicle Updates

  • Faster arrival of new vehicle purchases
  • You can now use select Custom Weaponized Vehicles in Races with weapons disabled
  • You can now request bicycles to the vehicles you can request when you call your Mechanic
  • Full access to Hao's Special Works on the PS5 and Xbox Series S/X

Economy updates

  • Get a High Demand Bonus by completing Vehicle Cargo Sell Missions
  • Triple the payouts on Smuggler's Sell Missions
  • "Across-the-board" 20-25% increase in Shark Cards value (on top of the 15% bonus GTA$ for special GTA+ Member Shark Cards

Rockstar also confirmed the arrival of a new DLC for GTA Online. According to the latest announcement, the upcoming content update will take gamers on a "walk on the wild side of Blaine County" in what it describes as the "first instalment of a massive multi-part update taking you all across the expanse of Southern San Andreas." Rockstar adds that the DLC will bring back several familiar faces and a "new troupe of entrepreneurial misfits."

Rockstar didn't exactly confirm when the new GTA Online update is coming but we reckon it won't be long.

Rockstar Confirms Major Updates Gta Online
We're curious to find out what else Rockstar Games has up its sleeve for GTA Online.

Fingers crossed, the earlier rumors about fast travel being part of the upcoming GTA Online update are true.

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