Rockstar axes Agent, removes title from Games section

It appears that Rockstar Games has finally decided to give up on Agent after first announcing it in 2009.

When it comes to games that have been stuck in development hell for years, Rockstar Games' Agent is right up there among the best of them.

It's a shame that such a hyped game will never get released.
It's a shame that such a hyped game will never get released.

Imagine this: Rockstar Games announced Agent hot on the heels of GTA IV's success at E3 2009, back during a time when PS3 was relatively new to the scene. Rockstar North would have led the development of Agent and with a premise revolving around a tale of espionage set during the Cold War in the 1970s, Agent had all the makings of a big PS3 exclusive.

Unfortunately, for years, the game was nothing more than its hype-filled announcement. Now, it appears that it is officially no longer in development.

Why has Rockstar Games removed Agent from its website?

Rockstar Games never officially canceled Agent. Even now, it's still technically in development. Fans never lost hope either, especially since Take-Two Interactive kept on renewing the IP's trademark over the years. However, even the most hopeful of fans have started to realize that Agent will never see the light of day after Take-Two abandoned the trademark in 2018.

Seeing Agent disappear from the Games section only reinforces the fact that Rockstar Games has completely removed Agent from its website. Then again, this was a long time coming. Rockstar Games' only news of Agent was its announcement. Outside of that, Rockstar nor Sony, as well as Take-Two, have talked about Agent for more than a decade. This would imply that all the parties involved have moved on, although it doesn't make the "official" cancellation sting any less.

We're still hoping that we'll get at least footage of the canceled Agent game.
We're still hoping that we'll get at least footage of the canceled Agent game.

Here's hoping that we all get a chance to see Agent in action even if it's only an early build in the future. Earlier this year, we saw several early builds of canceled games pop up over the year. There was the canceled Spider-Man 4 movie tie-in game by Radical Entertainment and the canned GoldenEye 007 Remake. The Red Shirt Guy also dropped some juicy deets about canceled Diablo games that would've seen Blizzard's iconic dungeon crawler get a Pokémon clone, among several other things.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to IO Interactive's Bond game, which would probably be the closest thing we'll ever get to Agent anytime soon.

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