Roblox Ultra UnFair – Free codes (January 2023)

Ultra UnFair on Roblox is a fast-paced and anime-themed roleplaying game. It lets you explore the open world maps to take down your opponents and become the strongest and toughest warrior.

Boost and power up your Ultra UnFair heroes in this Roblox action game and use cool codes for extra freebies. (Images: Roblox and BtKing Studios)

Do you need more boosts and other cosmetics for your in-game battle? Well, you can check out our guide to redeem free codes for Ultra UnFair.

What is Ultra UnFair?

Ultra UnFair is a fighting RPG Roblox game developed by BtKing Studios. The game was initially released on October 6, 2022.

The main goals in Ultra UnFair are to create and customize your characters, get them into serious training, and ultimately defeat various enemies for XP and resources. Ultra UnFair characters can use their experience to enhance their stats and abilities as you level up. The more enemies you defeat, the more XP your characters gain. Ultra UnFair can be a bit grindy, but it can be worth it.

You can customize your Roblox Ultra UnFair character avatars, from their clothes to their hair style and aura colors.

With update 4.0, a new code was added "!update4", and more will be introduced as more milestones are achieved. Other recent changes include the fast roll for a 1+ or a 15+ and 1/1K at level 7.5+ and some changes to Dev Specs rates.

Ultra UnFair on Roblox has reached 3.4 million visits and more than 22 thousand added favorites since its release date on the platform.

What are Ultra UnFair codes?

Ultra UnFair free codes are provided by the developer BtKing Studios. These codes reward players with in-game cash and boosts. Cash serves as the in-game currency, while the boosts help with the grinding.

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Active Ultra UnFair codes (as of January 2023)

These are all the currently working Ultra UnFair codes that are valid to redeem as of the last date checked.

  • 16KLIKES - Redeem this code for free 50K Cash (NEW!)
  • !WEEKEND - Redeem this code for free Fast Roll Boost
  • !PitySystem - Redeem this code for free 10-minute Fast Roll 
  • !update4 - Redeem this code for free cash or boosts
  • !awesome10klikes - Redeem this code for free cash
  • !7500likesyay - Redeem this code for free cash
  • !6000likes! - Redeem this code for free cash
  • !update2 - Redeem this code for free cash
  • !10KMEMBERS - Redeem this code for free cash
  • !5000likes - Redeem this code for free cash
  • !4000likes - Redeem this code for free cash
  • !100K - Redeem this code for free 1million cash
  • !Group - Redeem this code for free 500K cash (Requires Level 3+)
  • !a mongoose - Redeem this code for free cash (Must Be Level 4.5+)

Expired Ultra UnFair codes (as of January 2023)

There are currently no expired codes listed for Ultra UnFair. Any expired codes will be added in this section, as soon as they are verified to no longer function.

How can I redeem Ultra UnFair free codes?

Make sure to include the exclamation mark (!) at the front of codes when using the redemption process.

To redeem Ultra UnFair codes for free rewards, follow these easy steps:

  • Launch Ultra UnFair in Roblox.
  • Press "/" key to open the chat window or click the chat button on the upper-left side.
  • Type your code in the chat box.
  • Press Enter to claim your rewards. Enjoy!

Note: You need to enter the exclamation point ("!") first before the code. Take note that the codes are case-sensitive.

Where can I find more Ultra UnFair free codes?

BtKing Studios often releases Ultra UnFair gift codes on their social media pages. Join the Ultra UnFair Roblox Group page. And you may also follow the BtKing Studios’ accounts on Twitter and their official Discord server to get notifications about new codes and game updates.

Be sure to bookmark this page (CTRL+D). We will regularly update the list of free codes for Ultra UnFair as they are released.

Whether you use simple brawling attacks or fancier combat moves, you'll need to master your abilities in order to win in Ultra UnFair.

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