Survive the Killer - free codes June 2023

Can you survive the night? You’ll have a better chance with these Survive the Killer codes for in-game swag like coins, knives, and cosmetics.

Hunt or be hunted. You’ll need more than your wits to survive the night in Roblox's Survive the Killer game.

Can you survive the night? You’ll have a better chance with these Survive the Killer codes for in-game swag like coins, knives, and cosmetics. (Images: Slyce Entertainment/Roblox)

Everyone is familiar with the classic horror flick Friday the 13th and Jason Voorhees the unstoppable, supernatural killer. Well in this game, players take on the role of either the Jason or the victims trying to make it through the night.

But whether you’re the hunter or the hunted, you might want to take advantage of these free Survive the Killer promo codes for useful items like knives, coins, and XP. Take a look at our complete guide on redeeming codes from the list below and claim these freebies before they’re gone.

What is Survive the Killer?

Survive the Killer is a Roblox survival horror game developed by Slyce Entertainment, released on January 6, 2020. The game is based on the popular slasher film franchise Friday the 13th.

There are two roles players can take in Survive the Killer: One of the Survivors or the Killer. The main goals of the Survivors are to hide from the killer, save their teammates and escape together. Meanwhile, the main goal of the Killer is to find the Survivors and eliminate them before they can escape or the time limit runs out.

There is a smorgasbord of knives in Survive the Killer. From colorful to wicked-looking, players can collect them all.

Players gain XP by reviving teammates and escaping (if playing a Survivor) or killing (if playing the Killer). XP is needed to level up and obtain better abilities. You can also earn coins by selling different loots, using Robux to buy in the shop, and by leveling up. Aside from coins, gems are also used as currency but this resource is more difficult to obtain. You need to complete daily tasks to obtain gems or buy trading with Robux.

Knives are the main weapons used by the Killer character in this Roblox game and there is a wide variety of knives that players can buy or trade with other players for.

As of November 2022, Survive the Killer has reached 1.4 billion visits and more than 3 million favorites were added to the official page.

What are Survive the Killer codes?

Slyce Entertainment provides Survive the Killer promo codes to players. These codes can be redeemed to acquire in-game knives, XP and cash for purchasing weapons and building up their Survivor and Killer abilities.

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Working Survive the Killer codes (as of June 2023)

These codes have been verified to work. As of the date last checked, you can still redeem them in the Survive the Killer game.

  • RED - Claim this code for Code Red Knife
  • HEARTBREAKER - Claim this code for Hollow Heart slycer and The Heart Breaker title
  • SNOWMAN - Claim this code for Minty Holidy Hook Knife
  • NEWYEARGRIND - Claim this code for 1 Hour XP Boost
  • omgfinally - Claim this code for 100 Gems
  • BOO - Claim this code for Dark Fiend Knife

Expired Survive the Killer codes (as of June 2023)

These are the inactive and non-working Survive the Killer codes, as of the date last checked.

  • DESYNC - Claim this code for The Broken Clock knife
  • LUCKY2022 - Claim this code for Cookie Cutter Slycer
  • CUPID2022 - Claim this code for Flowery Facade Knife
  • STK2YEARS - Claim this code for 2 Year Birthday Slycer Knife
  • SANTA - Claim this code for Santa Hat Slycer
  • HAPPYNEWYEAR - Claim this code for 2022 New Year
  • 900M - Claim this code for 900M Slycer
  • HALLOWVEMBER - Claim this code for Friendly Spirits Knife
  • 800M - Claim this code for 800M Slycer
  • jumpbug - Claim this code for the Jumping Bug Knife
  • 700M - Claim this code for 700M Slycer
  • PRIDE - Claim this code for the Pride Knife
  • LUCKY2021 - Claim this code for Lucky Carver Knife
  • cupid2021 -  Claim this code for Heartbreaker Knife
  • LUCKY2020 - Claim this code for Clover Carver Knife
  • FRIDAY13 - Claim this code for Rusty Dagger
  • 10M - Claim this code for 10 Million Celebration Knife:
  • CUPID - Claim this code for Heart Breaker Knife
  • SPOOKY2020 - Claim this code for Hollowed Moon Knife
  • HAPPYHOLIDAYS - Claim this code for Holiday Knife
  • FULLMOON - Claim this code for Burlap Brute's Chains
  • CHEESE - Claim this code for Cheeseworth's Cheesy Chopper
  • SAWBLADE - Claim this code for Sawblade's Jigsaw Knife
  • WhatsTheCode - Claim this code for 300k Knife
  • ThatsALotOfVisits - Claim this code for Ribbons of Gold Knife
  • DEVIOUS - Claim this code for Devious Dagger
  • KILLERCRAZE - Claim this code for Happy's Circus Knife, 50 Coins, & 100 XP
  • CHUCKY - Claim this code for Chucky's Rattle Knife
  • SPOON - Claim this code for Spoon Knife
  • MASHEDPOTATOES - Claim this code for Purple Pinstripe Knife
  • TRADINGWHEN - Claim this code for Sunlit Glass Knife
  • CRATESSOON - Claim this code for Patched Knife
  • TEST - Claim this code for Test Knife
  • 5MILLION - Claim this code for 100 Coins & 50 XP

How to redeem Survive the Killer free codes?

You can redeem any active Survive the Killer codes by clicking on the Twitter icon on the UI.

Redeeming Survive the Killer codes for rewards is simple. We recommend you to follow these steps:

  • Launch Survive the Killer.
  • Click the Twitter icon at the bottom.
  • Enter an active code in the text box.
  • Click Redeem and enjoy your rewards!

Redeem the Survive the Killer codes here as soon as you can. Codes can expire without notice and you might miss out on the exclusive rewards.

Are there more codes and free stuff for Survive the Killer?

You can follow the Twitter accounts of these creators: @Dued1_Roblox, @Dev_AnthonyRBX, and @RBXZach and join the Discord server of Survive the Killer to get updated about free promor codes. Also, follow the official Survive the Killer Roblox page for notifications.

Even supernatural slashers should look stylish. Use the Survive the Killer codes to get cool weapons and free resources.

Be sure to bookmark our page (CTRL+D). We regularly update our page when new codes for Survive the Killer are released and are added to our lists.

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