Roblox Project XL – UPDATED free codes November 2022

Grab the latest free codes for Project XL right here! Get rewarded with XP boosts and mastery XP freebies!

Project XL is an entertaining open world Roblox RPG. Like many others built on the Roblox infrastructure, Project XL takes inspiration from popular anime and manga. The game has a charming mix of exploration and whimsical combat, pitting familiar battle moves from franchises like Dragon Ball, Demon Slayer, One Piece, and more against one another.

Get the newest Roblox Project XL free codes! XP Mastery and boosts to power up your game! (Images: Aspect Productions)

But before you go traveling and adventuring, you might want to get a boost or two. Check out the most up-to-date and comprehensive list of Roblox Project XL free codes below!

What is Project XL?

Developed under Aspect Productions, Project XL is an anime-themed RPG set in a large and developing open world. Players are cast in the role of adventurers exploring the vast landscape.

Player avatars are rated through 3 different stats: Potency, Resilience, and Speed. These can be improved by Traits of varying rarity. Furthermore, avatars can have different classes such as Generalist, Tactician, Scrapper, Infiltrator, Bruiser, and Blaster.

Build up your avatar with Fruits, Cremation, Electrification, and many other abilities in Project XL.

Other abilities in Project XL include Cremation, Electrification, Swords, Specs, and Fruits. Most of these abilities are influenced by powers shown in anime like those found in My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer, Dragon Ball, Seven Deadly Sins, and Black Clover. The developers Revonai, Nize_n, and LordDebased, shariqxD have also mentioned existing Roblox games such as Arcane Adventures, Project Jojo, and King Piece as inspirations.

What are Project XL codes?

Aspect Productions occasionally rewards its player base with free promo codes for Project XL. These Project XL free codes give away Mastery XP and increased XP gained for a limited duration. Mastery XP is needed for leveling and gaining new, more powerful abilities. On that note, there are no codes that give any other resources or items that can be found in-game.

Active Project XL free codes (November 2022)

These are all the active free codes for Project XL as of the date last checked. Any new codes will be added here in future updates:

  • rino554 - (NEW!) Redeem this code for 30,000 XP Mastery and 15 Minutes of 2x Mastery
  • SubToTaklaman – Redeem this code for 30,000 XP Mastery and 15 Minutes of 2x Mastery
  • milan242 - Redeem this code for 30,000 Mastery XP
  • 20kLikes - Redeem this code for 20 minutes of Double Mastery
  • SubToTheSalehm121 - Redeem this code for 30,000 Mastery XP
  • SubToJohntoon02 - Redeem this code for 30,000 Mastery XP
  • Reaiah - Redeem this code for 30,000 Mastery XP
  • SubToKelvingts - Redeem this code for 30,000 Mastery XP
  • blackstar6991MVP - Redeem this code for 30,000 Mastery XP
  • PyrusPlayer - Redeem this code for 5,000 Mastery XP
  • HerbalGibbon13 - Redeem this code for 5,000 Mastery XP
  • 3kLikes - Redeem this code for 15 minutes of Double Mastery

Expired Project XL codes (November 2022)

There are currently no expired codes for Project XL. When old codes have been confirmed to be non-functional, they will be added here.

How to redeem Project XL codes

To get your Project XL rewards, follow these steps to redeem the codes:

  • Launch the Project XL game.
  • Find the Settings icon at the left side of the screen.
  • At the lower left hand corner, you should see the Enter Code tab.
  • Input any of the active Project XL codes from the list on this page. You can Copy+Paste or manually type the code in.
  • Once the code is confirmed, the rewards should reflect on the character.
Locate the Project XL codes tab at the bottom of the Settings interface.

Note that the timers for the XP Mastery bonuses do not stack, so you might want to use each code one at a time. You will be able to maximize the benefits this way.

Where to get more Project XL codes and bonuses?

If you play Project XL, you can join their Roblox group. Members gain a +20% permanent bonus to XP. Joining the group will also allow you to get notified if there are new codes from Aspect Productions.

And bookmark this page (CTRL+D) to keep track of new updates of the Project XL codes lists. For more Roblox game guides and codes lists, check out our Ninja Legends 2 and King Legacy pages.

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