Roblox Evade – Free codes (September 2023)

Dodge the Nextbots in Roblox Evade with these freebie codes for bonus cosmetics and other cool items in this cat-and-mouse suspense game.

Dodge Nextbots in Roblox Evade with these freebie codes for bonus cosmetics and other cool items in this cat-and-mouse suspense game. (Images: Hexagon Development Community/Roblox)

Roblox Evade (or just Evade) is a suspenseful survival-horror game where the goal is to avoid being detected.

Players in Evade can team up with friends in this scary and challenging Roblox experience. Avoid the Nextbots through multiple game rounds in order complete daily tasks and earn in-game cash, XP, and points. And check out this guide to redeem free codes for bonus content, such as cosmetics and resources.

What is Roblox Evade?

Evade is a Roblox survival horror game developed by Hexagon Development Community. Released on June 10, 2022, the main goal in this game is to avoid the enemies called Nextbots who are trying to kill players. Some game modes include the wrinkle of having an Impostor, which is a player armed with a gun and can hunt other players.

In order to survive, players need to explore maps throughout multiple rounds. They can team up with others to run, hide, and escape from the Nextbots. As players complete tasks, they can earn XP and cash which can be used to acquire survival items, such as Floodlights, Land Mines, Decoys and Teleporters. But unlike Solid Snake in the Metal Gear games, players can't really fight and shoot back. Stealth and evasion are the best weapons players have against the Nextbots.

Nextbots can look like 2D cutouts or icons from pop culture. One thing remains the same: players won't survive a direct encounter with them in Roblox Evade.

There are currently more than 20 different Nextbots (and counting) released, whose avatars are based on familiar pop culture icons. There are also daily missions in Roblox Evade which are special optional tasks for extra points.

Since its release date, Evade has reached quickly to 2.1 billion visits and received over 3 million favorites on its official Roblox page.

What are Evade codes?

Hexagon Development Community provides Evade codes to players for free rewards including survival cosmetics, while some codes provide XP and in-game cash.

Active Evade codes (as of September 2023)

Here are the currently active Evade codes that are valid to redeem, as of the date recently checked.

  • release – Redeem this code to get a limited time cosmetic
  • Evade1K – Redeem this code to get a limited time cosmetic
  • HolidayUpdateFix - Redeem this code to get $2000
  • HolidayUpdateFixEXP - Redeem this code to get 300 XP
  • NewYears2023 - Redeem this code to get the '2023 Celebration' cosmetic
  • Luckyday - Redeem this code to get the 'Four Clover Pin' cosmetic

Inactive Evade codes (as of September 2023)

Codes in this section are expired and verified to no longer work, as of the date recently checked.

  • 1bill – Redeem this code to get free 1B Celebration cosmetic
  • therealdeal – Redeem this code to get free Twitter (Bird) badge reward

How to redeem Evade free codes?

Redeeming Evade codes is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch the Evade game in Roblox.
  2. Click the Twitter icon on the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  3. Enter or copy/paste your active code in the textbox.
  4. Press Enter to claim your rewards. Enjoy!
Free codes for Roblox Evade are case sensitive. Make sure to check this during the redemption process.

Note: This is case sensitive, so make sure to enter the exact code. Also, codes will expire at any time, so redeem these codes as soon as possible.

Where can I find more Evade free codes?

Follow the game's developer Hexagon Development Community on their official Twitter and Discord account. Plus, you can join their official Roblox Group page to get updates for free Evade codes.

The developers of Roblox Evade, Hexagon Development Community, included a disclaimer that this game has jump scares and strobe lights in some maps which may not be recommended for some players.

And we recommend bookmarking this page (CTRL+D) as it will be continuously updated with new Roblox Evade codes, as soon as they are publicly released.

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