Busy Business – free codes (March 2023)

If you want to see your business thrive in Roblox Busy Business, use these codes for boosts to build your enterprise in this tycoon sim.

In the Busy Business game on Roblox, players get to live their fast food empire dreams. Set up your first franchise and build your food empire, earn more money to run more expansions, and become the biggest tycoon on the map.

If you want to see your business thrive in Roblox Busy Business, use these codes for boosts to help you in your quest to build the biggest enterprise in this tycoon sim. (Images: TBlox Studios/Roblox)

Busy Business codes are the best way to give you a head start or to improve your profits with useful freebies such as instant prep boosts, skins, and gems. Check out the complete guide below and redeem free Roblox Busy Business codes before they expire.

What is Busy Business?

Busy Business is a Roblox tycoon simulation game developed by TBlox Studios. It was released on September 15, 2022.

In Busy Business, players start a small food business. You begin with just the lemonade stand, and serve customers to earn money. The more customers you serve, the bigger returns of cash earned. As you grow your finances, you can unlock new businesses like hotdog and ice cream stands. Soon, players get to upgrade them and expand their company to become successful tycoons in their own right.

Start your Busy Business career with a simple lemonade stand. Improve your product to get more customers and build your cash reserves.

Updates to Busy Business on Roblox have added more products and services to add to players’ portfolios. With the most recent update, the Pizza Place was added in Chapter 1. The developers are planning to add more brand new options and other events to be released in the upcoming Chapter 2 update patch.

Busy Business has reached 5.7 million visits and over 44 thousand favorites were added to its Roblox page since its release date this year, making it one of the fastest growing games on the platform.

What are Busy Business codes?

Busy Business codes are provided by TBlox Studios. These free codes can be redeemed by players to get in-game rewards, such as instant prep boosts and currencies like gems for upgrading and expanding the available business options.

Active Busy Business codes (as of March 2023)

Go to the Settings tab to find the Redeem Codes button for Roblox Busy Business.

These are the active Busy Business codes and have been verified to work, per the date last checked.

  • 30KLIKES - Claim this code to receive instant Prep Boost
  • 25KLIKES - Claim this code to receive instant Prep Boost
  • CHRISTMAS2022 - Claim this code to receive 30 Gingerbread Men
  • 15KLIKES - Claim this code to receive instant Prep Boost
  • 8KLIKES - Claim this code to receive instant Prep Boost
  • 2KLIKES - Claim this code to receive instant Prep Boost
  • BUSYBOOST - Claim this code to receive instant Prep Boost
  • TIMBERGUY - Claim this code to receive worker's skin
  • FREEGEMS - Claim this code to receive 30 Gems
Enter any active Busy Business code on the text box provided on the redemption screen.

Inactive Busy Business codes (as of March 2023)

There are currently no expired Busy Business codes for now. Any old codes that are verified to no longer work will be added on this list in the future.

How can I redeem Busy Business free codes?

It’s easy to redeem Busy Business codes for free rewards. Just follow these instructions:

  • Launch Busy Business.
  • Open the Settings and click the Redeem Codes button.
  • Enter any of the active codes in the textbox.
  • Click Redeem to receive your rewards.

Where can I find more Busy Business free codes?

The developer, TBlox Studios, often releases Busy Business codes during game updates or to celebrate milestones.

Players can expand their Busy Business empire with hotdogs and ice cream products. Additional options like a Pizza Parlor are added by the development team with each new game update.

Follow TBlox Studios on their Twitter and Discord to get updates about new codes. You can also join their Roblox Group to be notified for news and publicly released rewards. TBlox Studios release news updates on a weekly basis.

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