UPDATED Roblox All Star Tower Defense Codes January 2023

We have the latest Roblox All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) codes and updated regularly. Grab your free gems, gold, and more!

Roblox All Star Tower Defense (aka ASTD) is extremely popular thanks to its easy to learn, but hard to master, gameplay. Having an anime theme to the characters and design is also a big draw for the kids and teens playing the game. Being able to recruit fighters from your favorite anime series, from Naruto to One Piece to Dragon Ball Super, also has an undeniable gratifying factor.

Get the best and newest Roblox All Star Tower Defense codes here!

But unless you have bags of cash to throw at it, getting stuff in Roblox All Star Tower Defense can be very money and time intensive, particularly the valuable gems and gold. You need these to get the primary and secondary units, emotes, and other cool things. And many of the best Gacha characters are rare 5-star summons in ASTD requires a LOT of rolling for it.

But hey! ASTD also has a slew of codes to get FREE STUFF (and who doesn’t like free stuff?).

Working Tower Defense Codes (January 2023)

As of January 2023, these Roblox All Star Tower Defense Codes are still working:

  • delayp - Redeem this code for 150 stardust, 3000 gems, and 4x EXP IV (NEW!)
  • lvlreqny - Redeem this code for 150 Stardust, 2023 Gems, and 4x Exp IV (New, Must be level 60+) (NEW!)
  • happyholidays - Redeem this code for 89 Stardust and 2022 Gems (NEW!)
  • mbshutdown - Redeem this code for 50 Stardust and 10x Exp IV (NEW!)
Some codes may require logging in to a Private server (also called VIP server).

Expired Tower Defense Codes (January 2023)

As time passes, certain All Star Tower Defense codes released by the developer and other sources (i.e. Discord, Twitch, etc.) become outdated and unusable.

The following lists all the codes that no longer function, as of January 2023.

  • world3ishere - Redeem this code for 50 Stardust, 10x Exp IV, and 4000 Gems (Must be level 115+)
  • winterguy19 - Redeem this code for 105 Stardust and 250 Gems
  • bigwinterupdatesoon - Redeem this code for 91 Stardust and 91 Gems (Must be level 40+)
  • 2milfavoriteup - Redeem this code for 150 Stardust, 10x Exp IV, and 8000 Gems (Must be level 70+ to claim) 
  • 2yearanniversaryduo - Redeem this code for 95 Stardust, 10 EXP IV, and 5000 Gems (Must be level 40+ to claim)
  • timechamberfix - Redeem this code for 100 Gems and 20 Stardust 
  • newstarcode - Redeem this code for 90 Stardust
  • 2yearanniversary - Redeem this code for 10,000 Gems, 100 Stardust, and 10 EXP IV (Must be level 40+ to claim)
  • stardustupdate - Redeem this code for 5000 Gems
  • ASTDDragonoidBakugan - Redeem this code for a Dragonoid Mount
  • 1millikes - Redeem this code for 650 Gems and an Omega Rare IV
  • changesjune - Code redeems for 450 Gems 
  • ticketupdate - Code redeems for 450 Gems 
  • allstarspring - Code redeems for 450 gems 
  • newaprilupdate - Code redeems for 450 gems 
  • astd1millikes - Code redeems for 1250 gems 
  • owouch - Redeem for 400 Gems
  • NavyXFlame130kNoLeak - EXP IV
  • congratulations2kingluffy300ksubscribersonyoutube300k - Code redeems for 400 gems and and a mega-rare character.
  • ultramove - Code redeems for 1x Ultra Capsule
  • world2ishere
  • -ASTDDevs
  • astdx2022
  • bigtim
  • world2comingsoon
  • wowshutdown
  • goldgemgold
  • NavyxFlameYT60K
  • thursdayfun
  • tacotuesday
  • winterbreakwhen
  • 100ksubnavyxflame
  • starshipway
  • NavyxFlame80Ksubs
  • anniversaryastd
  • fruit100k
  • robloxyay
  • happyhalloween2021
  • 4partyrocking
  • longwait
  • 2bcodeswagmodeblazeit
  • shutdownagaincode21
  • nooshutdown
  • septemberupdate21
  • specialkingluffy100k
  • illbewatchingyou
  • gamebreakingvisits101
  • nowherescoredeal
  • minishutdown
  • theotheronecode
  • mrworldwide
  • KingLuffyFan200k
  • december2021
  • eatlotsonthanksgiving
  • thecityofangels
  • novemberupdate
  • igot2look
  • fruitysubmore
  • 4thofjulyupdate
  • lesgolesgoyuuh
  • supertime
  • biggerthanlife1
  • fruitgame
  • 600klikes
  • updatejune2021
  • fruit
  • 2021memorialday2021x
  • Update53021
  • lovetobrazil
  • tysmfor1mfavorite
  • smoothcriminal2
  • jahajha
  • quickshut
  • shotofmemories
  • lieawake
  • freedom
  • morecodeforyouxd
  • codeofprisma
  • codeoflight
  • listentothemusic132
  • howareyoutodaymyfriendo
  • likeapartyonthelist
  • helloworld2021
  • 1bvisit1b
  • eastercoda21
  • 1billionvisit21drip
  • somemorenewcoode
  • hchgaming
  • isitthenewerayet
  • pert
  • epicnew
  • updatebelike
  • likethegamepog2021
  • lateupdatendat
  • 700mil
  • codecodeyayhooray
  • omgdiscordpopoff
  • bigbangrah
  • mytimerchamber
  • liketo320k
  • rwarhappynewyear2k21
  • handsoftime
  • gameon2021
  • lovetofightastd
  • addnewunitstobannerfix
  • diamondnowina
  • ohmahgawdskill
  • yellowsix
  • thisisthenewestcode
  • subinferman
  • subtome
  • incredibledayum
  • rainmen

Entering and redeeming ASTD codes

You can find the ENTER CODE tab at the bottom of the Settings UI screen.

In order to redeem codes in Roblox All Star Tower Defense, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the official Roblox page and launch the All Star Tower Defense game. (https://www.roblox.com/games/4996049426/UPDATES-All-Star-Tower-Defense)
  2. Once the game launches, check the right hand side of the UI screen. Click the cogwheel icon which will take you to the Settings.
  3. On the Settings menu, go to the bottom of that page. You will find the ENTER CODE tab.
  4. Click the ENTER CODE tab and type in or copy and paste the active ASTD codes we have listed above.
  5. Once an active code is entered correctly, the game automatically redeems the free goodies into your account. Cha-ching!

Note that if an active code does not work, it may require access to a Private server (formerly known as VIP server). If entering the code does not work at first, try it again after logging on to a Roblox private server.

Where can I get more ASTD codes?

Developers, partners, and the official Roblox pages on social media will occasionally release new codes from time to time. The official ASTD Discord server is the most common source for new codes and news of in-game happenings in Roblox All Star Tower Defense.

NavyXFlame (one of the ASTD Discord moderators is running a promotion giving new codes once the YouTube Channel hits 130K and 150K subscribers).

And you can also bookmark our page, as we will update it as new codes are unveiled and verified!

Roblox is published by The ROBLOX Corporation for multiple platforms. You can download Roblox for free on Google Play for Android, the App Store for iOS, Amazon, and Microsoft Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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