Roblox Anime Champions – Free codes (June 2023)

Gather your team of colorful heroes and warriors. Get a jumpstart with our free codes for Roblox Anime Champions and claim your Gems and Yen.

Your favorite anime characters are now in Anime Champions. This fighting RPG on Roblox lets players unlock characters inspired by the most popular anime series. Each champion comes with special abilities and powerful weapons.

More heroes are joining Anime Champions on Roblox. Redeem the promo codes to get a jump-start! (Images: Roblox and O M A Entertainment)

With the help of our Anime Champions codes, receive useful Gems and Yen. Be sure to check out the in-depth guide below and redeem any active codes before they expire.

What is Anime Champions?

Anime Champions is an action RPG developed by O M A Entertainment and released on August 1, 2022 for the Roblox platform. It features various anime characters from popular series like Demon Slayer, Naruto, Dragon Ball, My Hero Academia, and more.

Players can currently unlock over 100 characters and collect more than 120 weapons, levelling up their characters and using special abilities. All these will be necessary to become the strongest champion of all. As players defeat enemies and complete quests, they can earn Yen. This in-game currency is essential to purchase weapons and upgrade Anime Champions stats.

Build up your character stats and gather the best weapons to prevail in Roblox Anime Champions.

Anime Champions uses basic key controls for play:

  • Press number 1 key for primary ability.
  • Press number 2 key for secondary ability.
  • Press letter E to interact with the NPCs.

As of the most recent update, the game added 12 new characters, 13 new weapons, and two battle maps. Plus, the soft cap has been raised to level 70 and four additional achievement badges can be earned. Players can also buy passes in the in-game store to get double boosts to Yen and Gems gained, as well as XP. There is also a starter pack which has 10,000 Yen, 1,000 Gems, and 2 Epic skins.

Since its release, Roblox Anime Champions has reached 2.6 million visits and more than 26 thousand new favorites on the official game page.

What are Anime Champions codes?

O M A Entertainment provides Anime Champions codes for players with free rewards like cash and gems. Yen and Gems are needed for buying and upgrading gear, as well as stats.

Active Anime Champions codes (as of June 2023)

These Anime Champions codes are currently active and valid to redeem.

  • QUEST - Claim this code to receive 350 Gems
  • 5kLIKES - Claim this code to receive 500 Gems
  • XMAS - Claim this code to receive 300 Gems
  • 1MVISITS - Claim this code to receive 1000 Gems
  • THANKYOU - Claim this code to receive 200 Gems
  • 1KPLAYERS - Claim this code to receive 1.000 Yens and 250 Gems
  • 500LIKES - Claim this code to receive 500 Gems
  • RELEASE - Claim this code to receive 1,000 Yen

Expired Anime Champions codes (as of June 2023)

There are no expired Anime Champions codes yet as of the date last checked. Old and inactive codes will be listed to this section.

How can I redeem Anime Champions free codes?

Enter any active code for Roblox Anime Champions through the redemption screen.

Redeeming Anime Champions codes for free rewards is so easy. Here are the steps:

  • Launch Anime Champions on the Roblox platform.
  • Click the Codes button (</>) at the left-side.
  • Enter the active code in the text box that says “Enter code here”.
  • Click Claim and get your rewards. Enjoy.

Where can I find more Anime Champions free codes?

The developer, O M A Entertainment, often releases new codes through their official Twitter and Discord accounts. You can also follow their Roblox page for Anime Champions to get notified about the latest codes and updates.

Big swords and powerful special attacks win the day for heroes in Anime Champions on Roblox.

And don’t forget to bookmark our page by pressing CTRL+D. We will regularly update you about the newest codes for Anime Champions. Our lists are regularly updated as new promotional codes are released.

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