Watch Robert Pattinson replace Christian Bale as Batman in disturbingly accurate Deepfake video

The disturbingly accurate Deepfake video offers a glimpse of Robert Pattinson As Bruce Wayne.

After his masterful performance in Christopher Nolan's 2020 film, Tenet, fans have hardly been able to contain their excitement at seeing Robert Pattinson don the cowl.

From a vampire to a bat, Robert Pattinson seems to have a penchant for portraying creatures of the dark.

Unfortunately, it will be a while before anyone gets a chance to see Pattinson's official take on Bruce Wayne and Batman in The Batman.

However, fans can make do to an extent in the interim with this disturbingly accurate Deepfake video.

Check out Pattinson as Batman in this Deepfake video

In a little over half a year, we're going to see how the role of Batman suits Robert Pattinson in The Batman.

Deepfake videos are a bit of a gray area. Sometimes, they're annoying and borderline libelous. People have used these videos to create fake sensitive and unwanted videos of celebrities. However, when used right, a Deepfake video can be a great way to simulate someone's likeness for a good cause.

Case in point, the Deepfake video where Pattinson replaces Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight.

In this masterfully done Deepfake video, Pattinson has replaced Bale's head, voice, and mannerisms, which results in a somewhat accurate depiction of what Pattison would look like as Batman.

Christian Bale's take on the caped crusader is iconic. So much so that fans lobbied for him to return to take on the proverbial mantle again now that the DCEU has been established. However, another actor that fans have been cheering on to take on the role of Batman is Pattinson, and it's easy to see why after watching the video.

As you can see from the clip above, Pattinson has a strong case to be a good Batman.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Pattinson really does have the proverbial chops to take over the now-vacant role. You can argue that the only reason why the Deepfake video is so convincing is because of the flawless editing. Still, editing alone can't explain why Pattinson's version of the Dark Knight looks drastically different in all the good ways.

Pattison's role in the upcoming movie seems like a perfect fit as well. The Batman won't explore Bruce's backstory and origin as much. Instead, it will have a much darker tone that seems to be right up Pattinson's alley.

For those that don't know, Pattinson is most famous for his role in The Harry Potter and the Twilight films. In the latter, he played the lead protagonist, Edward Cullen, who is an ageless vampire that falls in love with a mortal named Bella Swan. In the former, he is Cedric Diggory, one of the Triwizard champions representing Hogwarts School of Witchcraft in the competition.

The Batman is expected to premiere on March 4, 2022.

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