Select rivalry cutscenes for matches with this WWE 2K23 trick

WWE 2K23's Universe Mode is an improvement over WWE 2K23 but this trick gives players even more control over it.

WWE 2K23 isn't so much of a reinvention of its predecessor as it is a refinement of what it built. Visual Concepts added to what was already there and came up with a markedly better game even if not much has changed.

Rivalries are fun as it is in WWE 2K23 but this trick makes it even more enjoyable.

One of the returning features in WWE 2K23 is Universe Mode, which lets players create and control a wrestling universe to its smallest detail. By default, WWE 2K23 gives players free reigns in Universe Mode. But, one player found out that you can even gain even more control of your own little wrestling corner.

WWE 2K23 lets players select rivalry cutscenes for rivalry matches. However, a player found out that if you leave one rivalry sot open, you can edit the rivalry scenarios for any match. Also, if you turn off automatic rivalries, the game lets you select cutscenes for random matches against anyone.

If you keep the automatic rivalries on, it will generate rivalries for you. This effectively lets you choose how rivalries play out, down to how it ends, including whether or not it ends in a brawl or the two fighters making peace.

WWE probably has this trick down pat when it tries to pursues storylines only to cut them off mid-way with zero conclusion.

The biggest advantage of knowing this WWE 2K23 trick is it lets you tailor storylines and rivalries in Universe Mode even more. So, if you want a fight to break out and make people forget about it, well, this trick lets you do just that.

As one user puts it, this trick is "awesome" for players who "want to book everything with a spreadsheet", describing it as everything that similar players have "ever wanted from Universe Mode - total freedom."

PSA: If you turn automatic rivalries off and leave 1 empty rivalry slot you can effectively select cutscenes for any match. from WWEGames

Many users agree that this should've been the way that Universe Mode worked in the first place. Unfortunately, it isn't, so we're left to use tricks like this to run WWE 2K23 however we want.

The good news is that Visual Concepts doesn't seem in a hurry to patch this WWE 2K23 trick out.

Fingers crossed, the studio will take notes and turn this "bug" into a feature in WWE 2K24 when it comes out next year.

WWE 2K23 is both a commercial and critical hit for Visual Concepts.

In case you're still not sold on WWE 2K23 yet, the Universe Mode isn't the only feature it has. It also lets you play through John Cena's career in the eyes of his most iconic opponents as well as revive WCW. Finally, WWE 2K23 has a smorgasbord of post-launch content that's coming every month until much later this year.

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