Riot Games Has Started Hiring for League of Legends MMO

It's no secret that Riot Games is working hard to diversify its pool of titles.

League Of Legends Mmo
The new recruitment page is a huge step in the development of the upcoming League of Legends MMO.

Over the past couple of years, the developers of League of Legends have added multiple titles that are derivatives of their widely popular MOBA franchise, with one in Valorant that's a completely original IP as well.

With that said, what Riot Games Vice President of IP and Entertainment, Greg Street, revealed back in December 2020, was still quite a bit of a shock.

League of Legends MMO Is In The Works

With Street and later on, Riot, confirming the existence of the League of Legends MMO project, it's safe to say that it is indeed in the works. However, the earlier tweet suggested that the project was still in its very early stages. But, now, we have confirmation that it is slowly inching towards completion.

Riot Games recently put up an entirely new page on their website that's specifically dedicated to recruiting people to work on the upcoming League of Legends MMO. The said landing page suggests that Riot Games is currently looking for folks with experience in game design and gameplay engineering, among others.

In addition to this, Riot also noted that while they are looking for those with previous experience working in MMOs, it's not a hard requirement. The California-based video game development company went on to encourage everyone to reach out still and submit an application.

The landing page ends with a complete outline of all their "perks". This includes a complete healthcare and family care package, retirement, and so on.

Is the League of Legends MMO Coming Soon?

After more than a decade of constant tweaking and development, there currently exists an extensive amount of lore that the League of Legends MMO can draw from and expand on. Not to mention, as it is planned as an MMORPG, the roleplaying aspect should appeal to the majority of the player base of League of Legends.

As a matter of fact, Street's announcement is essentially a wish-come-true for many fans of the popular MOBA. It's something that the community has asked for in years. However, while it is indeed coming, fans will have to wait for a couple of years more before the League of Legends MMO comes out officially.

If it's any consolation though, hiring new members for the development team is a step in the right direction.

Hopefully, things can snowball from here and the next time we hear about the League of Legends MMO is via a teaser trailer with a release date, even if it's not set to come for years.

Riot Games currently has 5 video games under its stable, 4 of which are based on the League of Legends franchise. Furthermore, Riot is currently working on releasing 4 more projects in the next few years. The latest of which is a tactical role-playing game in Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. The other two titles, including the League of Legends MMO, have yet to receive official titles.

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