Ridley Scott criticizes superhero movies, referring to them as "boring as shit"

What's even more interesting is that the award-winning director described three of his films as examples of great superhero movies.

The 82-year-old award-winning director, Ridley Scott, has spent his entire career making iconic movies in a variety of genres. However, he hasn't exactly had a chance to direct superhero or comic book movies before. This is probably why his most recent statement on the said movies is generating a lot of discussion online.

Ridley Scott Criticizes Superhero Movies
Scott cites 1982's Blade Runner as a good example of a "great scripted superhero movie."

"Why don't superhero movies have better stories?"

Ridley Scott Criticizes Superhero Movies
For some reason, Scott thinks that Aliens is a superhero movie.

Scott is a prolific director with several dozen big films to his name. His most recent work is The Last Duel starring Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, and Matt Damon, in a film that's set in medieval France. Meanwhile, Scott's next film, the Lady Gaga-led House of Gucci, will release in theaters on November 24, 2021. After House of Gucci, fans can look forward to watching Joaquin Phoenix take on the role of Napoleon Bonaparte on Kitbag for Apple TV+.

In a recent interview with Deadline where Scott was asked about his most recent projects, the Alien director had some pretty choice words when the topic suddenly transitioned to superhero movies.

According to Scott, superhero movies are "f$#%ing boring as shit". He adds that the "scripts are not any f#$%ing good" while also claiming that he's done "three great scripted superhero movies". Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, Scott so since his examples are very valid. Scott considers Alien, Gladiator, and Blade Runner as examples of what he referred to as "great scripted superhero movies".

Unfortunately, neither of the said films are superhero movies. Alien belongs in the sci-fi horror genre while Gladiator is an epic historical drama. You could argue that Blade Runner comes close, but it's more of a sci-fi film.

With that said, Scott is free to think all he wants. Even if not everyone might not agree with his thoughts, his statement is well worth discussing. For now, fans can look forward to House of Gucci on November 24 and Gladiator 2, the latter of which is set to enter production within the next few years.

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