Reynolds hints at 2022 filming start for Deadpool 3

On the promo trail for Free Guy, Reynolds shared his prediction on when Deadpool 3 will start filming - and it's probably next year.

Ryan Reynolds has spent the last few years playing various flavors of the Deadpool character across a number of movies. His latest film, Free Guy, also has him play more or less the same character archetype, but with less homicidal mania.


During promotional appearances for that film, Reynolds has been asked about Deadpool 3. He has obligingly shared his predictions too, and apparently he doesn't have much more info than the rest of us.

Reynolds had a pretty bumpy ride leading up to the success of the first two Deadpool movies. Appearing as an... unusual take on the character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, a movie that was widely panned by critics, and later appearing in the similarly derided Green Lantern as the titular hero, not only torpedoed is future in superhero projects, but threatened to sink his career entirely.

When test footage for a more traditional take on Deadpool was leaked to an astonishingly positive response, the redemption arc of this story finally begun. The two Deadpool movies were commercial and critical successes, effectively erasing the troubles caused by Wolverine and Green Lantern.

With Free Guy debuting to positive reception, eyes turn to Reynolds' return to this role as the merc with a mouth. When asked about when Deadpool 3 will start filming - so far the movie has only been confirmed - the star stated that there is a "70% chance" it will begin filming sometime during 2022.


The release schedules of movies from various studios all around the world have been affected by difficulties stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, and considering how long the entire production time of major movies can stretch from start to finish, just because Deadpool 3 hasn't started filming yet doesn't mean it too wasn't hit.

Either way, we'll have to wait a bit longer for the third chapter in the whimsical character's silver screen story. If it isn't even yet certain that filming will occur in 2022, it's almost definitely not going to happen in the first half, which still leaves post-production to consider - Deadpool 3 is, at the earliest, to be expected sometime in 2023 if not later.

While this wasn't the case with the previous films, Disney has since confirmed Deadpool is part of the MCU.

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